Rescued Lhasa Apsos Up For Adoption Tuesday

26 Rescued Lhasa Apsos

Up For Adoption Tuesday

Stacie Haynes, executive director of the Susquehanna Animal Shelter, gives a kiss to Penny, one of the 53 Lhasa Apso puppies surrendered from a hoarding situation in Milford last Tuesday.  Twenty-six of the dogs will be available for adoption starting tomorrow at noon.  The shelter has received “hundreds” of calls from people seeking to adopt the little dogs; depending on the number of qualified potential owners who show up tomorrow, the Shelter may conduct a raffle, the director said. With limited space at the shelter, the other dogs were taken to shelters in Delhi, Sidney and Broome County to be placed for adoption there. (Jim Kevlin/

One thought on “Rescued Lhasa Apsos Up For Adoption Tuesday

  1. Risa Renee

    My Lhasa lived to be 17. I miss him dearly. He thought he was a lion. Rest in peace, my beloved Nika.

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