Schools’ Closure Extended To 4/29; Regents Cancelled

Schools’ Closure

Extended To 4/29;

Regents Cancelled

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to


COOPERSTOWN – The news had leaked out, but ONC BOCES superintendents, including Cooperstown’s Bill Crankshaw and Oneonta’s Tom Brindley, got the news officially at a superintendents’ summit this afternoon:

The school break announced March 13, extended once, will be extended again for another two weeks, until Wednesday, April 29, at least.

More surprising to the school chiefs was the news, delivered to the assembled group by ONC BOCES Superintendent Nick Savin, who had only learned it himself earlier today, was: This year’s Regents exams have been cancelled.

Arriving back in Cooperstown this evening, Crankshaw said the Regents have scheduled a special meeting tomorrow on the exam cancellation, and the superintendents expect further guidance.

“Not having the Regents (exam) was a wise decision,” said the superintendent, “but the implications of how students will be receiving their credit, it’s something we just don’t know.”

Judging from how the Regents generally act, Crankshaw said, he expects some general guidance, with the school districts left to work out the details locally.

Also of concern this week is how to adjust the budget-vote and school-election calendar after the annual vote was postponed from May 19 to June 2.

Cranksaw said the board’s Budget & Finance Committee is firming up numbers, and the public-hearing process prior to the election will be worked out.

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  1. Mare

    Thank you for correcting the title of the article. I’m sure a lot of parents breathed a sigh of relief!

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