Some Say Nay, But Bassett Parking OK’d

Some Say Nay, But

Bassett Parking OK’d

Matt Borowski, 40 Walnut St., top photo, said, “I wasn’t particularly crazy about it at the bottom of my street, but I think Bassett has a comprehensive plan, and this is better than what is there now.”  However, Andrew Armstrong, 34 Susquehanna Ave., at right, argued otherwise:  “It would be great shame if a car, rushing to the parking lot, hit a kid.  We’d have to tell him, ‘Public safety came second. Bassett came first’.”  After hearing the neighbors, however, the Cooperstown Village Board voted unanimously this evening to approve a special use for the 170-car lot in the former Riverside Drive, behind Bassett Hall.  It now goes to the village Planning Board for final approval. “I understand it will upset neighbors, but will it really effect home values?  The positives outweigh the cons, but neighbors will feel a detriment,” said Trustee MacGuire Benton.  “It’s a small detriment, but it is there.”  Trustee Rich Sternberg, a retired Bassett surgeon, summed it up:  “The benefits outweigh the detriments.”  The trustees added two criteria:  The lot is restricted to employees, who presumably would go in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts; and at special events like the Hall of Fame Induction, emergency vehicles will be allowed there.  (Libby Cudmore/


2 thoughts on “Some Say Nay, But Bassett Parking OK’d

  1. Richard Simon

    I am a cardiac patient… will this in fact alleviate my having to get there way earlier than my appointment after say 9Am and up to 3:30 PM to circle the parking lots to find a handicap parking space or one that is close to the entrances.. it is a shame that a parking garage could not have been developed by the clinics.. it could have been been made to blend in with the theme of Cooperstown, but forsooth, the snooty ones in the area would not allow that to aide the many because they only care about the visions of the few….

  2. Maureen Newman

    Richard Simon….this parking lot is restricted to employees. It has been needed for a long time. Perhaps another project will increase the handicapped parking spaces near the clinic. In the meantime, if you need to be dropped off at the door, maybe a friend or family member could do that for you?

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