Staff Picks Our best bets for local fall activities Bear Pond offers great wine; Neahwa Park is an amazing place

Staff Picks
Our best bets for local fall activities
Bear Pond offers great wine
Neahwa Park is an amazing place

Kathleen Peters
Graphic Designer
Apple and Pumpkin picking

It’s the perfect time to get out there and pick some apples or pumpkins.

We have both growing on our property — from ancient apple trees and in The Husband’s garden — but there are plenty of local places where you can pick your own. Don’t go for all of those fake apple- and pumpkin-flavored edibles and drinkables. Go for the real thing and make your own.

To me, the best part about too many apples and pumpkins is making apple and pumpkin butter, and apple and pumpkin pies. I haven’t tried mixing the butters yet, but I did try a “pumple” pie that was downright tasty! (Or was it an appkin pie?)

Of course, if you’re not up for picking your own, there are plenty of local farmer’s markets and farmstands where you can cheat and buy large quantities of both.

And don’t forget it’s garlic season, too. Buy some local garlic and try planting it in your garden this fall. Easy peasy, and in the summer you get a whole bulb from each clove that you plant.

Some picking places include Middlefield Orchard and Windy Hill Orchard and Farm Market in Cassville.
Local markets include the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market, Richfield Springs Farmer’s Market, and the Oneonta Farmers’ Market.

Danielle Crocco
Marketing Consultant
Bear Pond Winery

I pass by Bear Pond Winery every day on my way to work. Being new to the area and a wine lover, I knew I wanted to check it out.

I went on Sunday and it is definitely an awesome place to go! They have an awesome wine slushy, and also sell snacks, so we got to make a nice charcuterie board.

They offer a selection of beers for those non-wine lovers!

The people working were super helpful and friendly which is always nice.

They gave us a Coopers-town Beverage Trail checklist, so the next time we are out, we can cross a winery or brewery off our list. It was such a nice day, we decided to sit outside where there is a decent amount of shaded areas, as well as some areas in the sun. There is a big field of grass where you could bring a blanket and hang out, or if you have kids let them run around! They had some good tunes playing and it wasn’t super crowded, so you were able to really relax and enjoy your time!

Kevin Limiti
Neahwa Park

Besides SUNY Oneonta and the Baseball Hall of Fame, Otsego County’s most well known attraction is actually its landscape and nature.

There are so many beautiful mountains, hills, valleys, farms and scenery But what can people like me who are either not inclined to go out exploring the vast wilderness or otherwise have limited time do? No fear! Neahwa Park is here!

Neahwa Park is impressive in its placidity, overwhelming in its beauty and full of different things to do.
For those interested in history and honoring military veterans, there is a memorial in the park paying homage to the veterans of different American wars.

It is also where they hold Memorial Day celebrations.

There is a skate park where you can hear the slaps of the board on pavement and the sounds of people joking and laughing in the park.

Because of how close Neahwa Park is to me, I like to take a walk there with my headphones, sometimes bringing a notebook with me to record the sights and the sounds and make up little creative stories. You can also go bird watching if so inclined.

Dog walking is very popular and it is not uncommon to see dozens of dogs. I try to pet as many of them as humanly possible.

Neahwa Park is a great place to relax.

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