Stars & Bars Can Be Sold At Delco Fair, But Cannot Be Displayed, Foes Assert

Delco Sheriff Vows

Stars, Bars Display Ban

Will Be Made To Stick

Dumond Quoted Telling Coop Extension:

Prohibition To Be ‘Aggressively Enforced’ reported in April that students are lobby Cornell University to get involved in banning Stars & Bars as state fairs, saying it creates a “hostile environment” for fair workers.

DELHI – The Delaware County Fair Board has voted to allow vendors to continue to selling Confederate flags and related memorabilia , but will “aggressively enforce” a prohibition on their display, Fair For All announced today.

As its source, Fair For All quoted statements by Delaware County Sheriff Craig Dumond at a May 20 meeting of the board of local Cornell Cooperative Extension board, which he chairs.

A prohibition on display was put in place in 2018; however; however, it was not enforced, according to  Fair For All.

In its announcement, Fair For All said it believes the Stars & Bars is “a rallying point for violent white supremacists, (and) sends a message of racial hatred that shouldn’t be promoted at the county fair.”

In April, Fair For All has asked the Cooperative Extension to lobby the fair board to toughen its policy on the Confederate flag.

In 2017, Fair For All co-founder Leslie Kauffman photographed Confederate merchandise on display, and Fair Board President Ed Rossley asked sheriff’s deputies to escort her off the fairground, and declared her “banned for life.”

According to the Fair For All press release, Gashler asked Dumond if people photographing the memorabilia would be escorted off the fairground, he would only say: “I personally guarantee no one will be arrested.”

“Prohibiting display of racist merchandise, if enforced, is a good step forward and we thank those members of the CCE board who took the time to meet with the fair board and speak on behalf of an inclusive community,” Gashler said.

“However, we continue to advocate for the board to rid our fair of racist merchandise entirely. Like pornography, which is already banned at the fair, Confederate flags are a free-speech-protected item that don’t belong at a family event.”

2 thoughts on “Stars & Bars Can Be Sold At Delco Fair, But Cannot Be Displayed, Foes Assert

  1. Donald

    no need to have this merch at a fair not here nor there …..not really anywhere….seriously IS this WHAT Attracts people to the Delaware County Fair…..

  2. Sandy

    This is finally happening after so many meetings, letters and pleas to the fair board. The ban should have happened long ago. The confederate flag is a symb of bigotry and racism.

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