MASON: Step Up, OCCA, BFS, Watershed Commission


Step Up, OCCA, BFS,

Watershed Commission

To the Editor:

Michael Whaling’s recent letter in The Freeman’s Journal and Hometown Oneonta, regarding pesticide use by the Leatherstocking Golf Course, was spot on. This is just the time when the course begins its annual dousing of the shores of Otsego Lake with chemicals dangerous to humans and wildlife alike.

The last time the public was able to learn the specific materials and quantities used on the course, it was revealed that the golf course used over 3,300 pounds and 100 gallons of pesticides – many carcinogenic, acutely toxic, and developmental or reproductive toxins.

The golf course has not released its pesticide usage since – is there any wonder why?

The use of these poisons adjacent to a public water supply and recreation area is unconscionable and goes unchallenged by SUNY’s Biological Field Station, the Otsego County Conservation Association, Otsego Lake Watershed Supervisory Committee, and the Village of Cooperstown – all ostensibly concerned with the lake and public health. Clearly these entities are more interested in staying in the good graces of the Clark Foundation, owner of the golf course, than in living up to their responsibilities.

The Leatherstocking course claims to be environmentally responsible.

If that is truly the case, let them tell the people who drink and recreate on Otsego Lake’s waters just what they are spraying
next to it.


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