Students, Baseball Hall Present Project On Jackie Robinson

Students, Baseball Hall

Present Project On Civil Rights

Third graders at Cooperstown Elementary School presented their research on civil rights pioneers who helped pave the way for Jackie Robinson to break baseball’s color barrier during a school-wide assembly Thursday. The research, conducted in partnership with the Baseball Hall of Fame, also utilized the school’s monthly theme, “kindness,” which Pee Wee Reese showed to Robinson. From back left, Bruce Markusen, Beckett Grady, Henry Ayers, Abby Congdon, Abby Cole, Carlotta Falso, Dehjlah Harrington, Kinnley Wightman. In front,Sylverline Amachi, Siri Shanker, Peter Loenguth, Frank Pasek, JJ Wirchansky, Parker McManus, Ms. Szwejbka.

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