Friends Gather In Memory

Of Student Who Passed Away

Hundreds of students gathered in the President’s Garden outside of SUNY Oneonta’s Milne Library this evening to share their memories of Nicholas Stagnitta, 20, of Patchogue, who died by suicide on Saturday, Aug 25. Above, two of his ZBT fraternity brothers Kevin Middleton and Sam Campolo comfort each other after speaking about Nick. “He encouraged me to feel worthy in my own life.” said Middleton. “I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.” Speakers all remarked on his compassion, love and his ability to lift up and bring out the best in those around him. Rabbi Meir Rubashkin, right, also offered words of comfort: “If you are not forgotten, you are not gone. We speak about his spirit, his smile; that is his soul. His impact and his life will live on through us all.” Students and staff will be wearing blue and yellow ribbons on Friday in support of Nicholas’ family and friends. (Ian Austin/

3 thoughts on “SUNY MOURNS

  1. TJ

    I’ve known Nick since we were kids. Always happy, had hundreds of people to reach out to if needed and he showed zero signs of depression. There’s absolutely no way he did this to himself and shame on whoever published this to call it a suicide without the family’s consent. Investigate those kids in that Frat this was way too fishy.

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