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Antoinette Kuzminski

Antoinette Kuzminski: Wetlands upgrade may be key to water improvements

Wetlands upgrade may be key to water improvements

The Biological Field Station, since its founding in 1967, has nurtured the good health of our beautiful lakes, streams and river in myriad ways. There have been constant challenges: invasive species, new technologies, effects of climate change, and changes in land use to name a few.

In 2018 the BFS and the United States Geological Survey completed a study to evaluate “emerging contaminants” in the Otsego Lake and the Susquehanna River. There are virtually thousands of these compounds, mostly man made but some naturally occurring.

As measuring devices have become increasingly sensitive over the past decades, there has been new recognition of these compounds as microcontaminants in water worldwide.

The 2018 study showed minimal contamination in Otsego Lake. In the Susquehanna River, however, the drainage from the Village’s Waste Water Treatment Plant contained numerous contaminants.

Faso, Healthcare Advocate Differ On Course Of Reform

Faso, Healthcare Advocates

Differ On Course Of Reform

Family Planning of South Central New York Director Deb Marcus, right, expresses concerns about proposed Obamacare reforms to U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-19, at a meeting this afternoon in state Sen. Jim Seward’s Oneonta office. Others, from left, are county Rep. Gary Koutnik, D-Oneonta, the state Hospital Association’s Bill Streck, Antoinette Kuzminski, retired Bassett physician lobbying for a single-payer approach, Wayne Mellor of Fly Creek, Judy Fleischer of Oneonta, a former nurse and health-insurance broker, and Springbrook CEO Patricia Kennedy. (Ian Austin/

By IAN AUSTIN • Special to

Faso at this afternoon’s discussion.

ONEONTA – U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-19, heard concerns of key local players in the national healthcare debate this afternoon, and the two sides appeared to politely disagree on a future course of action.

“We have fundamental concerns that it” – the Obamacare revision being revived in Congress – “will not be an improvement over the current ACA.” said Bill Streck, retired Bassett Healthcare president, now director of innovation for the state Hospital Association (HANYS). “From our analysis, 200-700 thousand people would be at risk along with healthcare in our region.”

100 Audience Members Seek Ways To Protect Obamacare

100 Audience Members Seek

Ways To Protect Obamacare

Lou Allstadt of Cooperstown, the former Mobil executive vice president, now a supporter of shifting from fossil fuels to alternatives, discusses how to best approach lobbying Congress, as he did in enlisting former U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson to advance a forward-looking environmental mission statement. Allstadt was one of three presenters before an audience of 100 at Coopertown’s Templeton Hall Thursday evening seeking ways to influence the national debate in favor of preserving the Affordable Care Act. Sarah Bormann, a staffer for Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica, discussed how best to approach legislators – when to call, e-mail and rally. Georgia Whitney of Cooperstown, drawing on personal experience, spoke about the negative impacts of white privilege on everybody else. Antoinette Kuzminski, who organized this meeting and former Bassett CEO Bill Streck’s PowerPoint the week before, said she is planning a third program on the single-payer approach. (Jim Kevlin/
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