Cooperstown's Main Street


The Partial Observer: Saving Main Street Possible with NY Forward

The Partial Observer by James Dean Saving Main Street Possiblewith NY Forward The $4.5 million NY Forward grant is another great accomplishment by the Village of Cooperstown’s Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh, Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk, the village board and administration, and other major, local, participants. The sustained, upward trajectory of multiple multi-million dollar grant accomplishments began when Jeff Katz was first elected mayor of Cooperstown in 2012. Village trustees Ellen Tillapaugh and Cindy Falk were there from day one of Cooperstown’s…


Will  Improvements To Main Street Ever End? No, Shouldn’t

EDITORIAL Will  Improvements To Main Street Ever End? No, Shouldn’t Begun inauspiciously in March 2014 with the felling of 37 trees on Main Street, a remarkable series of successes has followed in the reinvention of downtown Cooperstown for 21st century tourism. The environmentally sensitive rain gardens, new sidewalks, streetlights, replacement of 19th century water mains and sewerage – even a new flag pole, embroiled in controversy as it now is – have followed in quick succession. • But it’s not…


Trash Cans With Computers Enhance Downtown Security

PART ONE: DOWNTOWN UPGRADES Trash Cans With Computers Enhance Downtown Security By JIM KEVLIN • Special COOPERSTOWN – “How big are they?” asked the dimunitive Merrilyn O’Connell on learning computerized trash cans to be installed in downtown Cooperstown this summer will have to be attached to the sidewalk to erase any chance they will fall over on someone. Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch sought to reassure O’Connell – it seems they aren’t as tall as Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk –…

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