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Local Motorcycle Club Raises Funds for Helios Care

On Friday, August 25, members of the Hudson Highlands Retread Motorcycle Club presented Helios Care with a check for $2,000.00. The club supports Helios Care every year through fundraising efforts by its members. This year, the group held a basket raffle in June and had donation baskets at several club events throughout the year, and donated the proceeds.…


News from the Noteworthy: Examining the ‘Good Death,’ End-of-Life Needs

News from the Noteworthy from Helios Care Examining the ‘Good Death,’ End-of-Life Needs What does it mean to have “a good death?” This isn’t a question many of us proactively ask ourselves. In fact, most people don’t really like to talk about endings, let alone dying. As a culture, we are often uncomfortable using the words “dying” or “died,” often substituting phrases like “passed away” or “lost.” So it makes sense that reflecting on what we and our loved ones…


News from the Noteworthy: Hospice Nurses Are Innovators in a Changing Field

News from the Noteworthy by Helios Care Hospice Nurses Are Innovators in a Changing Field As we close out National Nurses Week, I would like to recognize a very special discipline of nursing, hospice nurses. While all nurses are special—I know, I’m married to one—I think hospice nurses are special in many unique ways.I often tout that Helios Care has innovation in our DNA, and that is because of the way our nurses approach each and every day. Not unlike…


Noteworthy: Plan for Aging, Advance Directive Vital for Seniors

News from the Noteworthy: Helios Care Plan for Aging, Advance Directive Vital for Seniors Over the last couple of weeks, two well-known public figures have selected to seek hospice services. One is former President Jimmy Carter and the other actor Tom Sizemore. Sadly, Tom Sizemore just died with a relatively short hospice stay, while President Carter remains on hospice. We at Helios Care believe that the longer one is on hospice, up to six months or more, the greater the…


Helios Care Receives Excellus BCBS Community Health Award

Helios Care Receives Excellus BCBS Community Health Award Excellus BlueCross BlueShield recently awarded Helios Care a Community Health Award of $2,000 to support free bereavement counseling for the public. This program provides grief counseling services online and in person through support groups, individual counseling, camps for children, coping kits, and presentations to the public. Helios Care social workers have been providing free bereavement counseling for all residents of Delaware and Otsego counties since the onset of the pandemic and have…


Helios Care Receives $1,200 Donation

Helios Care Receives $1,200 Donation On Friday, August 19, Helios Care, the hospice and palliative care organization for Schoharie, Otsego, and Delaware Counties was pleased to accept a check for $1,200 from the Hudson Highlands Retread Motorcycle group. This very generous donation represented a year’s worth of fundraising efforts on Helios Care’s behalf. Helios Care will use the money to continue providing bereavement services free to all residents throughout the 3 counties served. Call Helios Care for more information at…


Helios’ Dan Ayres, ‘Man With A Plan’

OTSEGO COUNTY CHAMBER BREAKTHROUGH AWARD Click For Reservations To Nov. 21 Otesaga Banquet • Helios’ Dan Ayres, ‘Man With A Plan’ Hospice Successor Prepares Long-Term Care For Future By JIM KEVLIN • Special to ONEONTA – By 1995, Dan Ayres – “Dan, the man with a plan” – had been vice president/support operations for five years at Fanny Allen Hospital in Winooski, Vt., when the news broke: The small community hospital was about to be merged into the much…


As Helios, Catskill Hospice To Match Bassett Footprint

GOAL: REDUCE COSTS, KEEP PATIENTS AT HOME As Helios, Catskill Hospice To Match Bassett Footprint By JENNIFER HILL • Special to ONEONTA – Changing Catskills Area Hospice & Palliative Care to Helios is about opening up a conversation. “We found that the word ‘hospice’ was a barrier to conversation,” said CEO Dan Ayres. “When patients hear ‘hospice,’ they think they’re in their last days, not last month or year.  They don’t want to have the conversation. “Now, we’re more likely…

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