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Twice As Many Countians Say

Homes In Bad Shape v. Good

COOPERSTOWN – An online survey of 374 Otsego County people released today found twice as many say their home are in bad shape vs. “excellent” shape.

The survey, by the county Planning Department and Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, found 14 percent of respondents believe their homes are “excellent”; 27.6 percent ranked their homes as “poor” or “needs immediate attention.”

More than half of respondents (58 percent) rated their homes as “average.”

“These survey results provide fresh evidence of the need for continued investment in the housing stock for low- and moderate-income Otsego County residents,” said county Planning Director Karen Sullivan.

Some responses confirm expectations: 73 percent of survey respondents own their house and 82.1 percent of respondents list home ownership as extremely or moderately important; however, only 64.2 percent of respondents have full-time employment.

Similarly, 76.5 percent of county residents report that they are satisfied with their current residence, but 50 percent report that they are unable to afford a move to another home.

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