This Week – 03-17-22

THIS WEEK’S NEWSPAPERS The Freeman’s Journal • Hometown Oneonta March 17, 2022 PHOTO OF THE WEEK FRONT PAGE Otsego County officials wonder how state’s pot store preference will affect local licensures Georgia’s parachuting spiders: can they make it this far north? Obituary: Dr. Emery Herman, Cooperstown pillar Inside The Paper ‘Newsies’ on tap for this weekend in Oneonta Cooperstown Central stages ‘Puffs’ production Otsego County Boy Scouts selling Camp Henderson Otsego County Chamber hosts labor law update Cooperstown Central hosts…


Letter: Smoky in Muskogee

Letter: Smoky in Muskogee We drive through Oklahoma a few times a year. Eastern Oklahoma is beautiful, immortalized by Woody Guthrie’s “Oklahoma Hills.” It’s also a place of crushing rural poverty, as bad as “The Grapes of Wrath,” where the casinos, lotteries and dope shops hoover up the loose change of the working poor. Oklahoma has become the largest producer of marijuana in America — surpassing Mexico as the low cost supplier of weed. More dope farms than all other…


Letter: ‘Pot’tersville

Letter: ‘Pot’tersville To the Editor: Frank Capra’s classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” was set in the fictitious village of Bedford Falls, modeled after the real town of Seneca Falls, New York. In the movie, in an alternative reality, the town declines into Pottersville, where the protagonist George Bailey gets drunk in a bar that was not in Bedford Falls. The salient cinematic difference between the two towns can be summed up as bad zoning: Pottersville’s main street is festooned with…


Village splits on dispensaries, lounges

Village splits on dispensaries, lounges Cooperstown: In on dispensaries, out on on-site “consumption lounges.” By not voting on a measure that would find the village opting out of allowing retail marijuana dispensaries, trustees defaulted to an automatic opt in that would allow the siting of dispensaries within village limits once New York State establishes its regulatory framework. Separating dispensaries from on-site “consumption lounges,” the Board voted 5-2 to opt out of permitting locations within the village where smokers could legally…


Letter: A vote against dispensaries

Letter: A vote against dispensaries To the Editor: I continue to be very concerned about the unknown unintended consequences if cannabis dispensaries and lounges were to be permitted in the Village of Cooperstown. Whether it will help, hurt, or have no effect on the quality of life, tourism, the nation’s view of the Village of Cooperstown (will they still visit in family units?), the desire of the average person to want to live and work in the village, the view…


Editorial: Opt out, for now

Editorial: Opt out, for now “Now. Before I begin the lesson, will those of you who are playing in the match this afternoon move your clothes down onto the lower peg immediately after lunch, before you write your letter home, if you’re not getting your hair cut, unless you’ve got a younger brother who is going out this weekend as the guest of another boy, in which case, collect his note before lunch, put it in your letter after you’ve…


Board weighs opt out, referendum as state’s deadline approaches

Board weighs opt out, referendum as state’s deadline approaches Some two dozen Cooperstown residents were almost evenly divided in comments during a public hearing Monday, December 6, to address a pending Board of Trustees vote that would find the Village opting out of allowing the retail sale of marijuana within Cooperstown’s borders. New York legalized the sale of marijuana in April, and allowed local governments to choose whether they want dispensaries and lounges where customers could smoke on-site. To opt…


Cooperstown holds virtual information session on cannabis

Cooperstown holds virtual information session on cannabis By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to Cooperstown Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh and Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk held a virtual meeting on November 8 to present information about marijuana legalization in New York and how it might affect Cooperstown. There was a PowerPoint presentation during the meeting, which was opened up to comments or questions at the end. However, no public comments or questions were made. This meeting was held two days before a…


Cooperstown to consider cannabis opt-out law in December

Cooperstown to consider cannabis opt-out law in December By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to COOPERSTOWN — The Board of Trustees voted to consider a cannabis opt-out law on December 6 at 6:30 p.m. MacGuire Benton was the  dissenting vote. Hanna Bergene and Joe Membrino were absent. Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh has been in favor of an opt-out law, arguing for drafting a law which would then become open to public comment. “The only option for getting public comment is holding a…

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