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DA mulls vacating Borggreen plea deal following Robinson murder conviction

DA mulls vacating Borggreen plea deal
following Robinson murder conviction

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to

COOPERSTOWN — Now that the trial of Dylan Robinson has ended in conviction, Otsego County District Attorney John Muehl said he is considering restarting the process against Robinson’s accomplice, Alexander Borggreen, for refusing to testify against Robinson despite making a plea deal.

Muehl said he was satisfied with the conviction, which the jury returned Wednesday, June 23, although he said he was surprised they didn’t convict Robinson of arson.

Robinson was convicted of second degree murder in the Oct. 10, 2019, shooting death of his father, Kenneth Robinson, as well as robbery in the third degree and first degree burglary.

“You have a 15-year-old who killed his father. Nobody takes pleasure in putting a 15-year-old in prison,” Muehl said, calling what Robinson did a “pretty violent crime.”

Muehl said he anticipates a harsh sentence because of the nature of the crime.

Muehl said he hasn’t made a decision on what is going to happen to Borggreen.

“I can make a motion to vacate his plea and his sentence and start over again. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do,” Muehl said. “But once again, we’re dealing with a 17-year-old. They don’t make the greatest decisions, and in reality, him not testifying, other than the fact that he could’ve established for certain for the jury that Dylan Robinson was the one who shot Kenneth Robinson, was almost as good as him testifying.”

The defense attorney for Robinson, Thomas Hegeman, said that the trial “was a tough case.”

“The bottom line is we were offered a plea bargain, my client didn’t like it so we went to trial,” Hegeman said.

The plea deal would’ve been for murder one, with a sentence of 22 to life.

Muehl said the crime was unusual in Otsego. “The last young person I had killed his parents when he was 19,” he said. “In my career I’ve never had anything like this with a 15-year-old.”

Cherry Valley Woman Charged With Defrauding Models


C-V Woman Charged

With Defrauding Models

Victoria Pressly

COOPERSTOWN – A Cherry Valley woman was charged with fraud after several out-of-state models claimed they paid her to help them book photo shoots and interviews, but never received any of the services promised.

Victoria Pressly, 53, owner of  Victoria Pressly PR Celebrity Agency, was indicted and charged with Grand Larceny, third degree and Scheme to Defraud, first degree, following an investigation by the Otsego County District Attorney’s office.

Bourbon-Parme To Plead Guilty, Pay Restitution To Food Pantry

Food Pantry Director

To Plead Guilty, Pay

$18K In Restitution

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to


COOPERSTOWN – Antoine Bourbon-Parme, the former director of the Cooperstown Food Pantry who was charged with stealing more than $18,000 from the organization, will plead guilty and pay back the full amount, District Attorney John Muehl said today.

“He’s never been convicted of a crime and he’s making a payment up front,” said Muehl. “That’s what’s keeping him out of jail.”

Bourbon-Parme, 59, was arrested in April after an investigation found he stole $18,579 from the organization’s accounts over 16 months., beginning in October 2017 and ending in late January.

Muehl: Decatur Twins Died Of Asphyxiation





By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to


DECATUR – Kimberly Steeley’s infant twins, Bonde and Liam, both died from asphyxiation, according to District Attorney John Muehl.

“At first, everyone thought Bonde died of SIDS,” said Muehl. “Then 11 days later, Liam died of the same condition.”

Steeley, 27, Decatur, was indicted on two counts of second-degree manslaughter, one for each child, for recklessly causing the death of her children last June. The twins, born May 15, were barely a month old at the time of their deaths.

SPCA, Sheriff, DA Form Animal Cruelty Task Force

SPCA, Sheriff, District Attorney

Form Animal Cruelty Task Force

John Muehl, Otsego County District Attorney, Stacie Haynes. executive director of the Susquehanna SPCA and Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. have partnered to begin establishing an Animal Cruelty Task Force, aimed at preventing, educating and empowering law enforcement on how to deal with animal cruelty cases.

COOPERSTOWN – The Susquehanna SPCA will partner with the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office to look at creating a task force dedicated to combating animal cruelty in the county.

“In addition to having a system in place for when we do have animal cruelty cases involving animal seizures, we plan to educate and empower law enforcement and the public about the humane treatment of animals and what we can do if we suspect cruelty,” said Stacie Haynes, executive director of the Susquehanna SPCA, in a statement.




D.A. Says Former Goodyear Lake

Man Killed Wife In Pennsylvania

Casey Callahan
Casey Callahan

COOPERSTOWN – After 16 years, Casey James Callahan, 50, has been arrested and charged with the murder of his wife, Elizabeth.

Otsego County District Attorney John M. Muehl annouced a few minutes ago he believes that Callahan, a Unadilla native, originated the plan to kill his wife while they were living in Goodyear Lake.  On Jan. 19, 2000, according to a press release, Callahan ran over Elizabeth with a tractor trailer in the parking lot of the Dandy Mini Mart # 19 in Sayre, Pa., just off Route 17’s Exit 59A at Wilawan, west of Binghamton.

“We believe he took her there to kill her,” said Muehl.  “We believe the intent originated here in Otsego County.”

Worcester Man Arrested With Heroin, Coke, Gun

Worcester Man Arrested

With Heroin, Coke, Gun

Three-Time Offender Faces Life In Prison

Cash, drugs and weapons were seized yesterday in a the Worcester mobile home of Paul James Velleca, a convicted felon.
Police said these cash, drugs and weapons were seized yesterday from a the Worcester mobile home of Paul James Velleca, a convicted felon.
James Velleca
Paul James Velleca

WORCESTER – Investigators with the Otsego County District Attorney’s Office partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration to take down an alleged drug trafficker and three-time felon in the Town of Worcester.

Paul James Velleca, 45, was arrested yesterday after a no-knock warrant was served following an investigation put in place by Town Supervisor Donald L. Lindberg, who reported suspicious activity at Velleca’s mobile home.

Fly Creek Man Arrested After Selling Heroin To Cops

Fly Creek Man Is Accused

 Of Selling Heroin To Cops

FLY CREEK – A Fly Creek man was arrested for selling heroin to two undercover investigators as part of a six-month joint investigation by the Otsego County District Attorney’s office, Cooperstown Police Department and the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department.

In an announcement, authorities alleged Daniel West Cleaveland Jr., 25, sold heroin to investigators from the D.A.’s office on Jan. 14 and March 11.  He was arrested this morning, charged with two counts of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the third degree, a class-B felony.

Milford Man Arrested For Child Rape

Milford Man Charged With Child Rape

MILFORD – A 45-year-old Milford man was arrested and charged with child rape after the Otsego County District Attorney’s office received information that he was abusing an underage female, it was announced over the weekend.

Kevin William Blush was arrested April 29 after investigators at the DA’s office received a tip that he was having sexual contact with a girl under the age of 15.

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