Cherry Valley Woman Charged With Defrauding Models


C-V Woman Charged

With Defrauding Models

Victoria Pressly

COOPERSTOWN – A Cherry Valley woman was charged with fraud after several out-of-state models claimed they paid her to help them book photo shoots and interviews, but never received any of the services promised.

Victoria Pressly, 53, owner of  Victoria Pressly PR Celebrity Agency, was indicted and charged with Grand Larceny, third degree and Scheme to Defraud, first degree, following an investigation by the Otsego County District Attorney’s office.

“She talks a good game, holds herself out as someone who has connections and can get models and actors onto the red carpet, exclusive events, photo shoots and interviews,” said District Attorney John Muehl. “But the complaint is that gets the retainer up front and doesn’t do anything.”

If the client complains, victims alleged, she blocked them on social media and stopped returning calls.

She was arraigned before the Otsego County Judge, Brian D. Burns, on Aug. 30, and was released on her own recognizance.

Anyone that may have been a victim of Ms. Pressly should contact the Otsego County District Attorney’s Office at (607) 547-4249.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Valley Woman Charged With Defrauding Models

  1. Ester Rake

    she has been scamming girls out of money for over 10 years, she truly is a piece of human garbage.

  2. Cleaning by Deb

    Well I am surely not a model & I did not need PR .but myself and my team members cleaned for her many years back and her check kept bouncing she owes me like $200 from a cleaning that I never got paid for. It would cost me more in in lawyer fees 😫 Glad somebody will be getting their money back or she will be paying for her consequences

  3. Jack Walls

    I knew she was a crook from the first time I met her, the best part is she’s too dumb to be a sociopath, fortunately. They finally caught up with her and her crazy shenanigans. This is good news for the modeling industry, which is fraut with shysters like her.

    Jack Walls

  4. Martin Warner (not a psychiatrist)

    Some thoughts…

    “Human garbage” is a bit harsh. I would save that terminology for people who troll comment sections under fake names.

    Cleaning by Deb… an attorney is not necessary for a small claims action. In addition, the filing fee is around $15. Sounds like a little research is in order. Also, if I was a current or prospective client, I would be pretty hesitant to use your services for fear that you would blab my personal information all over the internet instead of addressing me directly. Seems like a pretty stupid business move. Probably should have taken a page out of the “Ester Rake” book of comments.

    And, finally, Jack Walls. I didn’t realize they were handing out psychiatry degrees to photographers. Sounds like somebody is a little bitter about something. Probably should talk to an actual psychiatrist to figure out why such an accomplished psychiatrist/photographer is trolling on a small town newspaper site. Don’t you have better things to do in NYC?

    Peace and love…

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