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Red Shed

Locals March 14 15 2019

LOCALS – March 14 -15, 2019

CSO Conductor Contest Raises Record $46,321

Ian Austin/HOMETOWN ONEONTA  –  Though Al Rubin, owner, A&D Transport Services, ultimately took the baton to conduct “Stars & Stripes Forever,” he was helped by Cindy Donaldson, OMS choral music director, left, and Libby Cudmore, managing editor, Hometown Oneonta, The Freeman’s Journal and, in raising a record-setting $46,321 for the Catskill Symphony Orchestra during the annual Cabaret Concert on Saturday, March 9, at SUNY Oneonta.

Ommegang, Red Shed Win Medals In State Competition

Ommegang, Red Shed Win

Medals In State Competition

COOPERSTOWN – Brewery Ommegang won two prizes and the Red Shed Brewery one at the New York State Brewers Association’s third annual Craft Beer Competition.

Ommegang’s Three Philosophers took a bronze in the “Belgian Other” category and Witte took a bronze in the “Wheat Beer” category  The Red Shed’s Jessica’s Red Ale took a silver, in the “Amber/Red Ale” category.



Andela, Red Shed Show Entrepreneurial Mettle

Editorial for January 18, 2019

Andela, Red Shed Show

Entrepreneurial Mettle

In Governor Cuomo’s Dec. 18 CFA announcements, Otsego County entrepreneurs did just fine.

You may have noticed that Dec. 15 piece in the New York Times, “The Hard Truths of Trying to Save the ‘Rural’ Economy.” In it, reporter Eduardo Porter wrote: “I’ve lived most of my life in big cities. I don’t pretend to understand what it’s like to live in a small town or a family farm, or how it feels when all the jobs in a community seem to be fading away.”
You might expect what follows: It sounds like one of those stories Times reporters periodically transmit from Timbuctoo or some similarly exotic locale. All impressions. As if rural economic development – the War on Poverty, if you will – is all about feelings.
Here’s a more concrete objection: Porter equates Upstate New York – criss-crossed by four lanes, peppered with international airports, abounding with excellent colleges and universities, a couple of hours from the largest metropolitan economy in the country that also happens to be the center of the financial universe – with Harrison, Neb., wherever that is.

Quality, Quality, Quality Will Lure Customers, Brewers Say

Quality, Quality, Quality Will

Lure Customers, Brewers Say

“The absolute best” is what local breweries must shoot for to achieve continued success, declares the Red Shed’s David Olson, right. With him are, from left, Ommegang’s Phil Leinhart, Hartwick College’s Aaron MacLeod and Council Rock’s Roger Davidson. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Drink beer from a glass “to produce its full aromatic potential,” MacLeod tells the audience at the Louis Jones Center.

COOPERSTOWN – Asked today for “key factors to success,” four panelists from the local brewing industry spoke as one:  Quality, quality, quality and quality.

Ommegang President Campbell keynoted.

“It all starts with quality,” said Roger Davidson, Council Rock Brewery founder.  “It is fun … (but) I try to do the best I can every single day for consistent quality.”

“If quality isn’t the top of mind, you shouldn’t be a brewer,” said Ommegang’s Phil Leinhart, who has been cited in international competition as the “best in the world” of brewmasters at mid-size operations.

Aaron MacLeod, director of Hartwick College’s Center for Craft Food & Beverage, expanded that to include “the value chain” — hops, barley, malt, all the products that go into beer making.

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