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With Tranquilizers, Rancher Retrieves Buffalo Herd

With Tranquilizer Gun,

Wayward Buffalo Retrieved

Owner Brian Grubb founds his buffalo in the wilds of Roseboom – now what? (Jennifer Hill/

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to


Brian Grubb is hunting his buffalo – with a tranquilizer gun.

Monday, Aug. 5, “I used a tranquilizer on a cow-calf pair and another cow from the 65-member group,” he said. “Then we – three other guys and I – used machinery to lift the cows and manpower to lift the calf onto my trailer. Four others – two cow-calf pairs – followed them onto the trailer.”

Back at his Town of Sharon ranch, Grubb and his helpers put the animals in a temporary corral and gave the three tranquilized buffalo the antidote to bring them around.

But that’s just seven of the 75 bulls, cows and calves that have been roaming in the towns of Roseboom and Cherry Valley since Saturday, July 20.

After capturing the seven Monday, Grubb ordered more tranquilizer kits and expected to continue the hunt as early as Tuesday evening.

Since a 2-ton bull jumped on a fence, trampled a gate, and led 75, give or take a few, along the Schoharie-Otsego County line, Grubb has been trying to get them back to his Engelville Road farm, about two miles south of Sharon Springs.

In the first week, the rogue buffalo wandered up to nine miles from West Creek, across the Schoharie-Otsego line into Pleasant Creek, Roseboom and Cherry Valley.

But starting Wednesday, July 31, the buffalo began heading back home after splintering into two groups, one of about 65, the other smaller. By Friday, they were within a half mile of West Creek at two separate locations.

Monday, Grubb fed the remaining escapees, and drew them closer to home. “They only needed to go over a ridge,” he said, “and if they had, they would have been home. But they circled back to where they had been hanging out.”

Grubb described the area past the ridge that the buffalo would need to walk through as “dense with shrubbery. They’re like humans or any other animal,” he said. “They’re going to take the path of least resistance – and that isn’t one.”

The afternoon this edition went to press, he said, the animals had been “very stable since they came back to where they’ve been and haven’t fragmented for the past four to five days.”

That would make the tranquilizing strategy easier, he said.

Regardless, the animals seem interested in getting home. “Buffalo tend to stay together, and I think both groups were searching for more buffalo,” Grubb explained. “They covered four miles in one night last week, which was a lot of traveling.”

Grubb got into the buffalo business in 2011, a year after he met his future wife, Susie, and took her to his father’s farm in Illinois where he kept some buffalo.

“She fell in love with the animal and wanted to raise them,” he said. “Most people get married and then become business partners. We did it in reverse.”

They bought the Sharon property and 14 buffalo, one bull and the rest cows, and now have about 200 of them. The Grubbs raise the buffalo and sell them to companies that harvest their meat.

The other benefits, Grubb said, are people’s increasing awareness of buffalo meat’s health benefits –it is low in fat and cholesterol – and that buyers pay $4.50 per pound of buffalo meat and only
$2 a pound of beef.

And until a two weeks ago, Grubb had not had any major problems with his buffalo. When asked about the fate of the 2,000 pound bull who started all the trouble, Grubb had a ready answer.

“It’s my hope that he’ll be attending a barbecue in the near future,” he said.

David Lantz Roy, 90; Celebrated Dairyman Retired In County

IN MEMORIAM:  David Lantz Roy, 90;

Celebrated Dairyman Retired In County

David L. Roy

ROSEBOOM – David Lantz Roy, 90, a celebrated dairy farmer who retired to Otsego County, passed away peacefully on July 10, 2018, with his family at his side.

David, son of Insley Hilbler Roy and Josephine Lantz Roy, was born on Aug. 15, 1927, in Sussex, N.J. He was a graduate of Rutgers University with degrees in agriculture and economics. As a young man, David was a 4-H member and leader. He was selected to attend 4-H Club Congress and received recognition for his outstanding showmanship of dairy animals.

Bliss Tells Of Bipartisan Record; Berliant Says It’s Time For Change

Bliss Tells Of Bipartisan Record;

Berliant Says, Time For Change

District 7 Representative Dave Bliss and challenger Leslie Berliant address a packed house at the old high school in Cherry Valley on Monday night. Bliss believes that his record of bi-partisan leadership shows his commitment to getting things done for the constituents of District 7. Berliant believes it is time for big changes in the County Board of Representatives. (Parker Fish/
Full obituary for Nancy Waller, 98, Roseboom

Nancy Waller, World Traveler,

Advocate For Justice, Writer

Nancy Waller, 1918-2017

COOPERSTOWN – Nancy Waller, world-traveler, advocate for peace, social justice and prison reform, lifelong writer and artist, died peacefully Jan. 10, 2017, at the Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home, Cooperstown, her three daughters and pastor at her side. She was 98.

Born Anne Bigelow Thomson in Nanking, China, Nancy was a daughter of James Claude Thomson and Margaret Seabury Cook Thomson. She grew up in pre-Communist China.

Her father, a biochemist, was head of the Chemistry Department at the University of Nanking, one of several Christian colleges established in the early 20th century to educate China’s “best and brightest.”

Her mother, a Smith College alumna, taught literature there; she also advised their neighbor, whom Nancy knew as “Aunt Pearl,” on a manuscript that was published as “The Good Earth.” Aunt Pearl was of course Pearl Buck.

Nancy Waller, 98; Author Embraced Community Life

IN MEMORIAM: Nancy Waller, 98;

Author  Embraced Community Life

Nancy Waller, who passed away yesterday at age 98, with her husband Jerry, who died at 96 in 2013.

COOPERSTOWN – Nancy Waller, 98, of Roseboom, author, mother and beloved member of the greater Cooperstown community, died peacefully Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 10, 2017, at the Thanksgiving Home  with her daughters and minister at her side.

A Service to the Glory of God and in Thanksgiving for the Life of Nancy Waller will be offered at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017 at her church, the First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown.

Shawn Hoag, 35; Chef In Cooperstown Restaurants

IN MEMORIAM: Shawn Hoag, 35;

Chef In Cooperstown Restaurants

Shawn 'Duke' Hoag
Shawn ‘Duke’ Hoag

ROSEBOOM – Shawn “Duke” D. Hoag, 35, a chef in Cooperstown restaurants, passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 9, 2016, in his home.

Shawn was born Feb. 12, 1981, son of Lorraine Nelson and the late James Hoag.  He graduated from Cherry Valley-Springfield Central, Class of 2000, and attended BOCES for culinary Arts. He then went on working at various restaurants in Cooperstown, most recently at Alex’s Bistro as a cook.

He enjoyed spending his time cooking, fishing, hunting at Petie’s camp, driving anything with a motor, bonfires with his mother, and spending time with his son “Duke,” family and many friends.

Gloversville Man Killed In Two-Car Accident

Gloversville Man Killed

In Two-Car Accident

ROSEBOOM –  A 62 year old man was killed yesterday evening when the car he was riding in was struck by a driver making a U-turn in Rt 166.

William M. Hayes, 62, Gloversville was a passenger in the car of Ray H. Coco, 52, Middlefield, which was struck by a 1997 Dodge Dakota driven by Lillian C Fuller, 35, Roseboom.  An investigation determined that Fuller entered her parked car that was facing south on the northbound shoulder of State Route 166.  She then attempt a U-turn to head northbound but pulled into the southbound lane where she struck Coco’s 2005 Nissan Altima.   The Nissan continued southbound and struck a mailbox, then came to rest as in a ditch.

Parade Sunday At Roseboom Tractor Days

Parade Sunday At Roseboom Tractor Days

Ron Van Buren, East Worcester, entertains youngsters on his tractor-driven "train" today at Roseboom Antique Power Days, featuring more than 100 tractors, new and old, from around the region, plus food, Amish ice cream (and peaches) and other delights.  An enthusiastic Allie Ritchie, 6, of Cooperstown, cheers in the caboose.  The annual weekend's main event is at 1 p.m. Sunday, the tractor parade through Roseboom's streets.  (Jim Kevlin/
Ron Van Buren, East Worcester, entertains youngsters on his tractor-driven “train” today at Roseboom Antique Power Days, featuring more than 100 tractors, new and old, from around the region, plus food, Amish ice cream (and peaches) and other delights. An enthusiastic Allie Ritchie, 6, of Cooperstown, cheers in the caboose. The annual weekend’s main event is at 1 p.m. Sunday, the tractor parade through Roseboom’s streets.  Ron is the brother of Jack Van Buren and his wife, Norma, who have organized the event for more than a dozen years now, assisted lately by son Aaron.(Jim Kevlin/
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