There’s Still Time To Help Decorate Downtown Poles

There’s Still Time To Help

Decorate Downtown Poles

Hurry down to Pioneer Park if you want to participate in decorating Cooperstown’s downtown lamp poles for the Christmas season, an annual activities of the 4Cs, the Cooperstown Community Christmas Committee. In top photo, Mike Hodgman of Fly Creek finishes his decorating tasks under the advisement of wife Meg Kiernan, the Otsego town supervisor, and daughter Molly Molly Myers. At left, a mom-daughter combination, Holly Hren and George Hren-Saphier, take on the light pole in front of the former CVS, as they’ve done for the past 5-6 years; dad John Saphier was helping out. Lower right, young Avery Croft and McKenzie Coleman brought Finn, who joined the household only yesterday, to enjoy the fun. (Jim Kevlin/

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