Top ACP Executive  Outlines Challenges Facing Healthcare

Top ACP Executive Outlines

Challenges Facing Healthcare

Bassett Primary Care physician Douglas Delong gives an attaboy to Dr. John Davis, after presenting a copy of Davis’ book, “Bassett Hospital: 200 Years of Rural Health Care,” to Dr. Darilyn Moyer, American College of Physicians CEO.  Moyer has been visiting the Cooperstown campus for the past two days, meeting with medical students and others. She had just completed an address, “Why Health is More than Healthcare,” this afternoon at the hospital’s Clark Auditorium, where she outlined the challenges faced by Americans living below the poverty line: For instance, the life expectancy in Strawberry Mansion, a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia, where the ACP is headquartered, is 68; two miles away on wealthy Society Hill, it is 88.  Dr. Delong is chair-elect of the ACP’s policy-setting arm, the Board of Regents, and will assumed the chairmanship and a seat on the Board of Governance next April.  The ACP is  the nation’s largest physicians’ organization after the American Medical Association.  Click here for bios of Delong and Moyer.  (Jim Kevlin/

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