Trump Says Upstaters Deserve Better; Should Consider Move Elsewhere

Trump Says Upstaters

Deserve Better; Should

Consider Move Elsewhere

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump

President Trump continues to have a blunt message for Upstate New Yorkers worried about the region’s economy: Get out, the Buffalo News and New York Times are reporting.

Meeting with reporters from regional news outlets from around the country Wednesday, Trump offered detailed comments in response to questions about his August 2017 statement that Upstate residents should consider leaving.

“If New York isn’t gonna treat them better, I would recommend they go to another state where they can get a great job,” Trump said Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Trump Says Upstaters Deserve Better; Should Consider Move Elsewhere

  1. Arthur Miller

    He’s absolutely right, Cuomo is not doing upstate any favors. Taxes are high and going higher so down state can get more free stuff. He wants to take guns away so we can’t fight back. Wife is still working and loves what she does, but when she’s had enough we’re gone.

  2. Joshua Butler

    Instate ny is my home. Has been my whole life. I’m not moving. Ur the president I voted for. Help us upstate new yorkers.

  3. Anonymous

    So, he is saying that Those in upstate NY, who want to live here should move. Is this a president of all of the people?? Such a dumb comment! How about coming up with some ideas to improve the situation for those who live here, oh never mind, Congressman Delgado is doing that!


    Governor Cuomo has done precious little to advance the upstate economy. He is subservient to the extreme environmentalist movement. We must move gradually toward renewable energy, but in the intervening time, natural gas must be made available and the pipelines expanded.

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