Trust In ‘Intelligence Community’ Ill-Founded


Trust In ‘Intelligence

Community’ Ill-Founded

To the Editor:

Last week in your newspaper, I read with concern the interview with Otsego County Democratic chair Aimee Swan about the end of Robert Mueller’s two-year witch-hunt regarding alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 election. Ms. Swan stated that
“there should be a trust, a loyalty to our intelligence community.”

The so-called “intelligence community” was behind the ridiculous allegations that Russia was the cause of Hillary Clinton’s resounding defeat in 2016, and the Democrats jumped on the bandwagon, and played up this pathetic conspiracy theory to the hilt. Apparently the Democrats have nothing to offer America other than smear campaigns against their adversaries.

Two years later, Mueller had to fold his tent without any charges being brought against Donald Trump.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate. She cheated to win the nomination, and told her rich sponsors that she lies about her position on the issues to get elected so she can cater to the interests of those same sponsors against the wishes of the electorate.

She and many other politicians get paid off for their loyalty to the richest Americans (and others, including the misogynistic regime of Saudi Arabia and the apartheid government in Israel) with ridiculously inflated speaking fees, huge donations to the “Clinton Foundation,” and other perks.

Trusting the “intelligence community,” (more accurately, the “propaganda community”), is extremely dangerous to what little democracy we have left in the United States. “Intelligence” agents are unelected, unaccountable, anonymous bureaucrats, who hide everything they do, and who move from intelligence agencies to corporate positions through an extremely lucrative revolving door. Nothing could be more undemocratic.

The history of the “intelligence community” reads like a rap sheet of some inhuman psychopath. The CIA has tampered with the electoral politics of dozens of nations, resorting to subterfuge, warfare, sabotage and assassination attempts over and over again to make sure that other country’s governments are favorable to American business interests and military objectives.

They have overthrown many democratically elected leaders, including Mohammed Mosaddegh and Salvador Allende, and assassinated or tried to assassinate many others (such as Fidel Castro). They have installed American puppet dictators all over the world who have flagrantly violated human rights to advance American business and military interests.
The “intelligence community” has trained brutal terrorists in the infamous “School of the Americas,” and their students are guilty of mass murder, rape and torture in advancing American interests in Central America and elsewhere.

On July 15, 1996, Time Magazine bragged about how the U.S. had successfully tampered with Russian politics in order to get Boris Yeltsin elected. There is nothing more hypocritical than the U.S. “intelligence community” criticizing another country for tampering with elections.

Does anyone remember how the American public was hoodwinked by the CIA into supporting the disastrous war on Iraq based on fictitious claims regarding “weapons of mass destruction?” The “intelligence community” has been responsible repeatedly for creating false news reports to start illegal wars, such as the infamous and false account of the “Tonkin Gulf Incident” which led to the catastrophic Vietnam War.

The “intelligence community” sponsors covert military operations in over 100 countries to maintain American empire and dominance over the rest of the world.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know that the NSA and CIA have no regard for the constitutional rights of Americans, but feel free to violate the law by spying on American citizens, keeping track of their phone calls and internet activity in violation of the Constitution. Trusting the criminal U.S. “intelligence community” is a huge mistake.


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