Try Treats From Clam Strips To Steaks With Blue Cheese


Try Treats From Clam Strips

To Steaks With Blue Cheese

Editor’s Note: SUMMER DREAMS writers are reporting weekly on some of their favorite dishes in local restaurants.

Remember clam strips from Howard Johnson’s heyday?

You don’t find them many places these days, particularly of a quality that bring back long-ago memories, but you’d run across such an offering at The Farmhouse Restaurant in Emmons, just off Interstate 88’s Exit 14.

They’re clam strips are sweet, moist – just like you remember. They’re listed as an appetizer, but you can add French fires and cole slaw and make it a main course.

JIM KEVLIN, Editor & Publisher

What is it about sunshine that always makes me crave sushi? Whatever it is, I know that when I need my summer fix, I go to Mt. Fuji and pick up a couple of hand rolls and a seaweed salad, perfect for a light lunch on a warm day. Try either the Dragon Roll or the Eel Avocado if you’re feeling adventurous! And if you’re in the mood for something a little more substantial, they offer a great bento box that comes with teriyaki or tempura, a California roll, a salad and rice. And if you’ve got a big party, why not sit at one of the Hibachi tables and watch the chef make his magic before your eyes? (Mt. Fuji, 134 Main St, Cooperstown. (607) 544-1088)

LIBBY CUDMORE, Managing Editor

If you’re looking for pizza, stop by New York Pizzeria on Chestnut Street. Their service is always speedy and the pizzas delicious. I like the pepperoni pizza with sausage and black olives. They always have a robust flavor while the black olives add a tang to delight the senses. That plus the just crunchy enough crust is enough to make my family a regular at the New York Pizzeria. (New York Pizzaria, 75 Chestnut St, Cooperstown. (607) 547-2930)

LARISSA RYAN, Business Manager

I can attribute Jay’s Place on Oneonta’s West end for finally solidifying my late-blooming appreciation of both blue cheese and rare steaks. Long before I avoided both like the plague; the idea of pink meat and pungent cheese wrinkled my nose. But it was Jay’s sirloin topped with bacon garlic blue cheese that finally made a believer out of me. They were also the place that made me love calamari, with their basket of lightly panko-encrusted calamari. This hidden little gem has become one of the key places my wife and I go for a special occasion not only for it’s amazingly tasteful food, but because it’s slightly hidden location lends itself to a more relaxed atmosphere when you don’t want the chaos of a more centrally located eatery. (Jay’s Place, 3200 Chestnut St # 113, Oneonta. (607) 432-9584)

IAN AUSTIN, Staff Photographer

If you’re looking for a delicious meal while still counting calories, try the Apple Endive Salad and the Red Pepper and Gouda Soup at Ken’s American Cafe. They both offered smorgasbords of flavors that boosted my energy.

Besides endive, the salad had sliced granny apples, shaved sharp cheddar, and wheat beer dressing.  The dressing offered some sweetness to balance out the endive’s slight bitterness and the tang, and the cheddar added some savory.

The soup had roasted red peppers, onions, garlic, and smoked Gouda.  The flavors together gave a rich, toasty taste, with the Gouda giving a sweet, creamy finish.

It goes without saying that I will be going back to Ken’s for those dishes again, and I may even try some of the other items! (Ken’s American Café, 748 NY-28, Oneonta. (607) 267-4670.


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