UU Dinner Helps Support African School

UU Dinner Supports

Youchaou School In Africa

It was a packed house at the Unitarian Universalist Church this evening as people gathered to enjoy Kenyan cuisine to support their The Mali Education Project, which has been supporting children in Youchaou’s Private School outside of Mali since 2006. Above, Anna Hankins, Maurince Odago, Duncan Omune, Charles Hudson and Tracy Vurma fill their plates with mbata, ugali, kachumbari, githeri and more, all made by members of the church. Through their involvement with the UUSO, the school has been able to build a second and third floor and expand their programming through high school. Anyone interested in providing support for the project can contact the UU Church at (607) 433-1272. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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