Village Of Milford Considering Short-Term Rentals Moratorium


Village Of Milford Considering

Short-Term Rentals Moratorium

MILFORD – Reflecting the same concerns debated in Cooperstown in recent weeks, the Village of Milford is planning a hearing on a temporary moratorium on short-term rentals at 6:30 p.m. Monday the 22nd in the Village Office, 64 South Main St.

The village is not opposed to short-term rentals during the summer to Dreams Park families and other visitors, said Mayor Brian Pokorny.  However, he added, residents have asked that the matter be looked into to ensure the community remains in balance.

Right now, there are 28 properties in the village dedicated to short-term rentals, compared to 21 businesses and 137 residences (that include long-term rentals.)  The short-term rentals comprise 15 percent of properties in the village.

The issue has also been debated in the Village of Cooperstown this spring after the Zoning Board of Appeals received a half-dozen applications for conversions to short-term rentals.

Concerns about the character of neighborhoods.  Also, the long-term impact on the community were voiced, as short-term rentals tie up properties that otherwise would be available to young families and others seeking year-‘round homes.

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