Village Officers Foil Attempted Suicide

Village Officers Foil

Attempted Suicide

Bleeding Victim Transported

In Cruiser To Bassett Hospital

COOPERSTOWN – Worried an ambulance might not arrive in time, Village Police officers last week transported an attempted suicide victim to Bassett Hospital in their police cruiser, gaining the praise of Chief Frank Cavalieri.

“The quick thinking and effort shown to preserve the subject’s life displayed by these officers were vital to saving the victim’s life,” said Cavalieri.  “This effort, I believe, demonstrates the dedication, integrity and concern that the men and women of law enforcement in Otego County have for the community.”

Responding last Thursday to a “check the welfare” call on a “suicidal male” in an apartment house on Glen Avenue, Cpl. James Kelman and Officer David Kaminski found “large amounts of blood … in several rooms,” Cavalieri said in a report issued Friday.   Deputy Keith Sheldon also participated.

“Officers reassured (the man) he wasn’t going to be left alone, that help was on the way.  Subject then pleaded for officers to shoot him, as he did not want to be here anymore,” according to the police report.  “He was again reassured that he was going to be helped. Subject then said he was going to lose consciousness and was feeling faint.”

Awaiting an ambulance, the officers decided not to wait and transported the man to Bassett Hospital.


7 thoughts on “Village Officers Foil Attempted Suicide

  1. Subaru

    The defund the police movement is not about a reduction of police, it is much more about the demilitarization of the police, putting less money into training violent escalation tactics, and more money into teaching deescalation techniques, and further integration into the fabric of a community. Our small community is not the target of what the defund the police movement is about. It is about systemic racist profiling majority of times taking place in URBAN communities. Great work from the Cooperstown police to assess the situation, and did what needed doing!

  2. Jeep

    Huh?? Defund means less money! Which means less money for payroll! Which means layoffs! OMG YOU REALLY CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP! anybody that supports that stuff are the first to scream “where are the police” whenever the s**t hits the fan in their little piece of heaven!

  3. Drew P Weiner

    So systematic racism doesn’t happen in small communities? Just the urban communities?, so defund the urban police forces but dont touch the small communities!? I’m sure the people in the urban communities really appreciate that!

  4. Subaru

    Mr. Weiner- please reread my comment, I said it PREDOMINANTLY takes place in urban communities. By population density, and arrest records this is a fact this is happening the most in urban places. Our small rural community is not free at all from systematic racism. I’m saying change needs to come in a widespread way, and the most work that needs to be done is in urban areas.

    We all CAN and SHOULD do our part in our respective communities to further the message that police does not need further militarization, police do not need to participate in “stop and frisk” policies.

    We need to make our social support system more robust. As I think we can all agree, this country as a whole needs much better community outreach for mental health. Police social work intervention has lead to mass incarceration, a rise in the risk of physical and mental harm, and exposure to violence.

    And Mr Jeep-

    Please do some research into what the defund the police movement means before popping off again. A simple google search will serve you well, maybe you could even sleep better at night, because it sounds like you think the Civil Rights Act was good enough, I’m here to tell you that we need to keep striving for equality. I personally support police, they have one of the hardest jobs out there for sure, but the defund the police movement is far less about taking money away from cops. It is about the REALLOCATION of government tax dollars to better serve it’s community.

    Please take care of yourself Jeep, God Bless.

    Again, I will reiterate…


  5. Mj

    It was incredibly insensitive and an invasion of privacy for adding the details. You could have just left it as a job well done for the officers . Maybe his family didn’t know all the gory details and this is a hell of a way to find out. Do better.

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