Vote For Candidate With Integrity, Dignity, Veracity


Vote For Candidate With

Integrity, Dignity, Veracity

To the Editor:

The first Presidential candidate that I supported was Barry Goldwater in 1964. That was not a popular position in Texas, where LBJ was revered. I got into a few arguments.

I did so because of Goldwater’s integrity, his personal ethics, his honor.

The second political candidate I supported was JFK – for the same reasons – compared to Nixon, JFK was a paragon of integrity.

I have tried to support the candidate with the most integrity in each election, which is why I could not support Bill Clinton.

The first qualifications of a President are integrity, honor, and dignity.

This year, the choice is clear: Joe Biden has integrity, dignity and honor. His opponent has little honor, little veracity and little integrity.

We cannot honor a man who has no honor. We cannot believe a man who has no veracity. We cannot follow a man who has no integrity.


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