WELCH: Caped Crusaders Can Fight Ticks


Caped Crusaders Can Fight Ticks

Beware of lxodes scapularis

To The Editor,

Here are suggestions for removing ticks from walking paths, yards, deer trails, etc.

Attach to shoulder or waist a white bed sheet, and then walk or jog. Upon returning home, car or camp, quickly place sheet into a five-gallon pail of water with bleach, put lid on and leave sit overnight. Next day hang sheet out to dry to be used again next time.

Check clothes for ticks before entering home. You may even want to attach a white sheet to a long stick or pole and pull it around your yard where kids play.

Again, five-gallon pail of water with bleach left overnight. Take count of number of ticks and record for future reference.

This process, when done over and over again, will eventually reduce tick populations, protecting humans and wildlife.

I believe this would be fun for kids and educational.


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