GREY MATTERS: With ‘Green Light’ In Force, ICE Poster A Provocation


With ‘Green Light’ In Force,

ICE Poster A Provocation

To the Editor:

Prominently displayed next to each of three cashier window signs at the Otsego County Department of Motor Vehicle office in Oneonta that explain how the new “Green Light” Law will be implemented in Otsego County are signs proclaiming the phone number of the ICE Tip Line.

At the Cooperstown DMV office, there is an ICE Tip Line sign on the entrance door and there is another inside. This signage is suggesting that Otsego County residents doing business with DMV “spy” on others – OTHERS being the operative word – who are exercising their legal right to apply for a driver’s license.

New York State’s “Green Light” Law means that undocumented immigrants can once again obtain drivers’ licenses, a right that they had until 2001.

They have to pass the same test that all residents must pass, rather than drive on our state’s roads unlicensed. No one in Otsego County, or any other county in New York, must face harassment when at the DMV.

We call upon the Otsego County DMV to remove these intimidating signs immediately!

Grey Matters Social Action Group
First United Methodist Church
A Sanctuary Church

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