15 New COVID Cases, 14 At SUNY

15 New COVID Cases

Arise, 14 At SUNY-O

ONEONTA – 14 new cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed at SUNY Oneonta, according to Heidi Bond, director, Otsego County Health Department.

According to Heidi Bond, public health director, Otsego County Department of Health, all of the 14 cases are off-campus.

Another case was also discovered in Otego, but had no relation to either the SUNY outbreak or the cluster of Oneonta and Cooperstown teenagers.

The Department of Health is working closely with SUNY Oneonta administration and local authorities to
control these outbreaks. Anyone who suspects they may have been in contact with a confirmed
case of coronavirus should quarantine himself or herself at home and contact the local health department.

3 thoughts on “15 New COVID Cases, 14 At SUNY

  1. BernieZ

    Has anyone asked why these 14 cases have not been reported to the Dept. Of Health COVID-19 tracker? According to them only 1 positive has been confirmed in Otsego county since August 21. Is it just sloppy record keeping or we’re just assuming the diagnosis? Nobody has been reported hospitalize…. proving once again that…. At least for the young, this is nothing to panic about.

  2. Dom

    So SUNY did not follow the request of the mayor to warn the returning students. Who would have guessed this would happen?

  3. Mary O.

    Oh,my, gosh!! Is this what it takes to dig into the powers that be brain’s? We have opened too soon!!!!!!!! Not only did our Colleges opening bring cases, but, spread the cases to our town which has been on the right track to avoiding higher numbers. This must be taken seriously by ALL. Wear masks, avoid gatherings. Protect yourself and others.

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