20 People Address Ban On Farms Animals In CV


20 People Address Ban

On Farm Animals In CV

Cherry Valley Village Mayor Lou Guido responds to a question during last night’s public hearing from former Mayor Kevin Flint. (Dennis Laughlin photo for AllOTSEGO.com)

CHERRY VALLEY – Twenty citizens addressed a proposed law that would ban farm animals in the village at a public hearing last evening before the Cherry Valley Village Board.

After the hearing’s close, Local Law #1 – titled “A Local Law to Repeal Local Law #2 of the Year 1986, as Amended by Local Law #2 of 1994, and to Prohibit the Harboring of Farm Animals and Fowl” – was tabled to be discussed at the Aug. 19 trustees’ meeting.

The Local Law #1 would repeal at 1986 law allowing farm animals on parcels within the village limits.  It would provide for an undefined waiver process to allow farm animals; and there would be no appeal process if the Village Board granted a waiver or not.

The penalty for violation would be a $250 fine and up to five days in jail.

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  1. frank sabler

    WOW Obviously the Opera has successfully Bought and paid for the town of Cherry Valley ! so sad

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