Firefighter Derek West, in top photo, pours water on the remains of 4703 Route 28, Hartwick Seminary, from atop a Milford Volunteer Fire Department engine, assisted by his dad Damon and Wade Thayer.  Hartwick #2 Fire Chief David Bryant, the officer in charge at the scene, walks by the apparatus.  The fire was reported at 3:30 a.m. today, and more than a half-dozen departments responded, Bryant said.  Seven people were living in the home; no one is injured, and the Red Cross assisted the family, not yet officially identified, to find temporary lodging, he said.   The home, earlier photo inset, located directly across Route 28 from NBT Bank’s Cooperstown Commons’ office, was a total ruin.  In addition to Hartwick #2 and Milford, responding departments included Hartwick #1 from the hamlet, Cooperstown, Fly Creek and Mount Vision.  Schuyler Lake sent a pumper to assist.  Bryant, who estimated 60 firefighters were at the scene at the peak, said this fire is the worst his department has dealt with since the Milford United Methodist Church burned on March 12, 2016.   (Jim Kevlin/AllOTSEGO.com)

3 thoughts on “7 HOMELESS AS 60 BATTLE ROUTE 28 FIRE

  1. Anonymous

    Fire was called in at 3:15am. Fire departments didn’t show till 3:45am from fly Creek. Hartwick FD is 300 yards away from the fire and they didn’t show till after home was a loss.

  2. David Bryant

    Anonymous, I would invite you to stop by the Hartwick seminary station and pick up an application.
    The volunteers that are doing the work are getting fewer and farther between.
    We have drills or meetings every Wednesday night at 7 pm
    I look forward to you stepping up and helping out.

  3. Steven

    Hi David. I was doing a search on an unrelated subject and this fire came up. So sorry for those who lost their home. And so grateful that you are still so involved on this indispensable community service. Volunteer Firefighters play such an important role in rural living. Sorry that their are still many out there who do not understand or appreciate what you all do. Steve

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