Active Cases Drop, Deaths and Hospitalizations Rise

Active Cases Drop,

But One More Death


COOPERSTOWN – The fourth COVID-19 fatality of the new year was reported yesterday – a woman over 55.

Hospitalizations have also increased by one, however.

Despite an increase in the newly reported cases, active COVID-19 infections have fallen, the result of successful isolation periods, according to county Public Health Director Heidi Bond.

The recent expansion of anti-COVID vaccination eligibility brings a lot of good news and hope to many New Yorkers.

That said,  Bond urges community members to continue being diligent, “We do not yet have enough vaccines in the state for all those that are eligible.”

“It will be a slow process,” she continued, “but we have to be patient, (the day when we can all be vaccinated) will come.”

At this time, Bond is unaware of any new clinics for testing or vaccinating in the area, but community members can stay up to date by visiting:

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