All Star Village Cancels Week 2

All Star Village

Cancels Week 2

WEST ONEONTA – Week 2 of the All Star Village 2020 season – June 13-19 — has been cancelled, the youth-tournament venue’s proprietor, Marty Patton, announced this morning.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our country at large, regrettably, we will not be able to deliver the ultimate Cooperstown experience your team and families have been looking forward to,” Patton wrote to Week 2 families across the nation.

In contrast with Cooperstown Dreams Park, which cancelled its 2020 season outright in March, All Star Village has been proceed week by week, in hopes of salvaging at least a few weeks of play.

Patton said he will be sending emails to contacts/coaches alerting them to the cancellation.

“The most important think we can do as Americans is remain calm, follow the rules set forth by your state and our federal government, and remember we are all in this together,” wrote Patton.  “We will come through this together!”

9 thoughts on “All Star Village Cancels Week 2

  1. Kevin Purcell

    My main concern is that if some of the later tournaments take place, how will the lodging and dining be handled? You certainly can’t have all those kids eating and bunking together the way it has been done in the past. Please explain your contingency plan for that.

  2. Jones

    This guy’s crazy to even consider opening — if even one child got coronavirus from attending, Patton would lose everything he has in a lawsuit. Up to him — I wouldn’t do it.

  3. MArgaret McGown

    Why is the Cooperstown Dreams Park logo on this article about Cooperstown Baseball World?

  4. Dom

    Cancel the whole season. Don’t be a fool just for the money. I doubt anyone would want to come anyway. Why would you want to jeopardized Otsego County residents who did a good job following the rules with outsiders.

  5. Don C.

    “Baseball World” in Oneonta still isn’t anywhere near Cooperstown, either, Margaret. Call it WHAT he wants, WHERE he wants, we know that he has never been any competition for C D P!!!

  6. r

    Marty, You continue to show your True Colors! Every other Baseball League in our surrounding area have cancelled their seasons. What does that say about you? You are egotistical, somehow uniformed about coronavirus, and somehow a poor money manager concerning your ballpark. Apparently you can not afford to refund everyone’s deposit if you cancel the whole season. What a JOKE You Are!

  7. Emilio

    I think it’s crazy not to open. We need to get back to normal. This virus does not impact children adversely. I do not understand why they are already cancelling to July 17 th when it’s only June 11 th. That is crazy. I hope they reconsider and really look at the “big Picture” here, before cancelling any more weeks

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