Allstadt, Tillapaugh Win Democratic Nod to Run

Allstadt, Tillapaugh Win

Democratic Nod to Run

GOP Bows Out, No Independents In Yet
Cooperstown Deputy Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh, right, with her husband Gary Kuch, and Village Trustee Lou Allstadt, left, with his wife Melinda Hardin, wait to fill out the necessary paperwork after they were nominated for further terms on the Village Board a few minutes ago at the Democratic caucus in Village Hall. Village Trustee Richard Sternburg, seated, was elected to chair the caucus. Village Republicans failed to hold a caucus this year, but independents have until Feb. 14 to collect 50 signatures and get their names on the ballot; Village Administrator Teri Barown has the paperwork. (Jim Kevlin/

One thought on “Allstadt, Tillapaugh Win Democratic Nod to Run

  1. Anonymous

    once again the entire electoral process is usurp… if the process is not properly engaged , guess what its not a democracy… AND people wonder WHY things are the way they are!

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