At Rally, Victim’s Sister Warns: ‘David Dart Will Kill Again’

At Rally, Victim’s Sister Warns:

‘Dart Will Kill Again’

His Juvenile Conviction Sealed,

His First Victim Tells Her Story

Jennifer Kirkpatrick, sister of Gillian Gibbons, asked  50 supporters gathered at the “Justice For Gillian” rally in Muller Plaza this afternoon to send letters asking the state Parole Board to deny convicted murderer David Dart parole in the stabbing death of Gibbons, 18, in Oneonta’s Municipal Parking Garage 30 years ago. “If he gets out, he will rape, he will kill again,” Kirkpatrick warned. With her is state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, who helped put the rally together and has sponsored a bill to increase the time between parole hearings from two to five years for violent offenders like Dart. At right, Jennifer Miller Dutcher tells her story – that when they were teens, Dart, who lived with his grandparents across the street from her in Portlandville, held her at knifepoint and assaulted her. “We were able to get him sent away for a little while. But when Gillian’s life was taken, I was devastated. I didn’t think I did enough,” she said.  Then shifting to address Bart, she said: “I am a victim who has a voice, and I am using that voice to ask you to keep him behind bars.” (Ian Austin/


One thought on “At Rally, Victim’s Sister Warns: ‘David Dart Will Kill Again’

  1. Kelly Coughlin

    I worked with David Dart when he murdered Gillian Gibbons. One of my friends asked me to give him a ride one night when we saw him at a gas station. I told her no because I didn’t know him well. I have always felt like I “dodged a bullet” that night. There was something about him that I didn’t trust. He gave me the creeps. I fully agree that he WILL rape and kill again if he is let out!

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