Bound Volumes 03-10-22

Bound Volumes

Having seen and read a new publication entitled “Letters of Abbe Salemankis, to a Friend in Ireland,” I recommend the same to every American who feels an interest in the welfare of his country. In these letters are represented in a brief style, the effects which war systems, commercial wealth, bank companies and usurious loans produce on society. The American people will remain free no longer than while they read and reflect. There are men in every country who wish the people should be ignorant of their true interest.

March 10, 1810

Drowned – Geo. Van Nort, living near the Three Mile Point, was drowned in the Lake on Friday evening last. He started to walk on the ice, and fell through. He leaves a wife and several children in needy circumstances.

March 9, 1860

The Evils of Roller Skating. Mr. Eckert, the manager of the Metropolitan Telephone & Telegraph Co. has issued an order against their operators attending roller skating rinks. “The reason we are obliged to make this order is that so many of the girls stay up late at night skating and come down tired and sleepy in the morning that it was really causing serious neglect of business,”

March 14, 1885

The Fashions: All white or all black is the smartest thing affected in street wear as well as evening costumes. Pique and heavy mannish gloves are much in demand just now for street wear with tailored gowns. There is a tendency toward pale shades with the coming of spring. Silk waists for wear with tailored suits are coming in style again.

March 12, 1910

One of Otsego County’s historic homes was destroyed by fire Saturday night. Left in ruins by the flames was the stone and frame dwelling on the Hollyhock Farm in Fly Creek Valley owned by the estate of the late Richard P. Davidson of Cooperstown. The loss was estimated at $50,000. The house was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. George R. Clay and their five children. Mr. Clay has been an associate in public relations for the New York State Historical Association for the past year. They were not at home when the fire broke out but returned from an afternoon of skiing at Mount Otsego shortly after the fire was discovered. The Clays lost practically all their possessions and were left with just the ski togs they had on.

March 16, 1960

After seven months of hard work the Cooperstown School District has officially entered the world of the internet. Last Friday, the school’s new website went online. Work on the website began in September 1999. A team of student volunteers including Matt Tabor, Lenny Armstrong, Gerod Bonhoff, Ellen Hollister and Jeanne Delahunty took on the project and did all the work.

March 10, 2000

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