Bound Volumes 10-28-21

Bound Volumes

On Wednesday last, Captain Van Buren, one of the
officers of the custom-house in New York, seized a sloop load of British goods in Troy, and on Thursday morning the same gentleman seized five wagon loads in State Street, Albany. These goods were brought in by way of Canada, and were seized under the Non-Intercourse Law. They have since been claimed by Frederick Sheldon, of this city, and Mathias Bruen, of New York.
October 26, 1811

Loco-Focoism — This old, but new-vamped political sect called a mass meeting at the Court-House. The gathering embraced about 30 persons, four-fifths of whom were residents of this village, and of every shade of political sentiment. The nominations were made, and resolutions and an address adopted in which the Democratic Party is denounced as corrupt and unprincipled, and the new sect are set forth as puritans of the first water. Under such circumstances were the nominations made — it rests with the people to say what favor they will bestow upon them at the polls of the election.
October 24, 1836

Beauty has its foundation in physical well being. Health has its laws, which must be understood and obeyed; and these laws are clearly indicated in our physical and mental constitutions. They demand: 1. Proper food and drink, in such quantities as the system is capable of readily assimilating. 2. Air and sunlight in abundance. 3. Sufficient exercise, rest and sleep. 4. An agreeable temperature 5. Perfect cleanliness. The whole secret of a full form and rosy cheek lies in pure blood manufactured from wholesome food, by healthy and active vital organs, oxygenated and vitalized in well-expanded lungs, and kissed by the life-giving sunlight on the surface of the warm cheek.
November 1, 1861

The “Wig-Wag,” acted by the Vitagraph Company in Cooperstown in July, was shown in the Star Theatre last Tuesday evening, to the largest crowd of the season. After the seats were filled for the first evening show, Policeman Southworth was called upon to keep the crowd back and the stairway clear. The house was also well-filled for the second show. Scenes on the lake and in the village are the background for the picture and the faces of Cooperstown people are easily recognized. The picture will be shown here again in the near future.
November 1, 1911

Mrs. Margaret Richards was rescued by neighbors when fire destroyed her home at Oaksville Thursday night of last week. The loss was estimated between $600 and $700. Otto Schallert, Jr., who lives opposite the Richards’ residence, discovered the fire at 6:30 o’clock. Cooperstown firemen were summoned, but the house was a mass of flames when the apparatus arrived. The Schallert family carried Mrs. Richards from the house when the elderly woman, who is deaf, was unable to understand their shouts that her house was on fire. She was taken to the home of Thomas Kiley.
October 28, 1936

With a 26-0 victory over the Mt. Markham Mustangs, the Cooperstown Redskins’ football team completed a perfect 7-0 record for the regular season and earned a number one seed in postseason playoffs in Class C. This Saturday, the Redskins will begin their campaign for a state championship at home on Lambert Field this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. against Lowville. Against Mt. Markham, Brad Hill got the Redskins on the scoreboard early with a first quarter rush into the Mustangs’ end zone. On the next drive Hill scored again two plays later following Billy Hribar’s block of a Mt. Markham punt.
October 26, 2001

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