BOUND VOLUMES: November 19, 2020


November 19, 2020


Academy: The inhabitants of Cooperstown and its vicinity are respectively informed, that the second quarter of A. Parmele’s Academy, will commence on the Twenty-first of November, inst. The strictest attention will be paid to the accommodation of Young Ladies and Gentlemen who are desirous of instruction in the following branches of Science, viz: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar; Geography; with the use of the Globe and Atlas; History; Rhetorick; Composition; the Elements of Chemistry; Astronomy; and Geometry; and the Latin and Greek languages.
Tuition: Reading, Writing and Orthography $2.50; the higher branches of English study $3; the Languages $4, per quarter. Abiel Parmele, Cooperstown, New York.

November 20 1820


Apples for Hogs – I have kept my hogs on apples fall and winter, for ten years past. I put rather more meal with my apples than people usually do when they boil potatoes, but not enough to keep the hogs alive if they had no apples. My hogs usually look better in the spring than those of any of my neighbors that are fed on potatoes. In fact, they thrive and keep fat all winter. I lay my apples in a large bin in my hog pen and let them freeze when the weather becomes very cold. Then I cover them up with Rye straw and keep them frozen all winter. When I want to use them, I put them on my stove in a large pot or kettle and let them be on just long enough to take the frost out of them, and feed them to the hogs warm. I give each hog one-third of a pail full of apples at a time, three times a day. I feed good mellow sour and some sweet apples to my hogs in the fall, but to my fat hogs and shoats every day, and think that they both make them grow and help towards fatting them. Horace Goodhur, Westminster, Vermont.

November 22, 1845


A Liberal Offer – The Freeman’s Journal – 14 Months for $2, to All New Subscribers whose names are not now on our books, the offer is made to send them the Freeman’s Journal from this date to January 1, 1872, nearly 14 months for the regular subscription price of $2. Send in your names immediately and receive the present number of the paper, Remit by mail or otherwise. Every family in the county should take at least one local paper. Every voter who can afford it, taking any interest in political matters, should regularly read different sides of questions of public
importance. There are hundreds of families in Otsego County who do not take a local paper and the above liberal offer is made in the hope that many of them may be induced to become subscribers.

November 17, 1870


Local: There are 325 children in the school district of this village and only ten between the ages of 5 and 16 who are not in attendance. That is a good showing.
The Baraca Orchestra, lately formed under the personal direction of Professor Derreck, is making rapid progress. Its members are: First Violins – Asahel Murphy, Samuel White, Miss Frank James; Second Violins – Leroy Murphy, Wilber Bronner, George Smith; Flutes: Lulu Tarpenning, Levi Brown; Violoncello – Anna M. Beadle; Bass Viol – Melvin Coffin; Cornet – Laverne Ingalls
A sad accident occurred at the home of Jacob Wellman, Portlandville, on November 13. He had two little children, one a little girl of five years, and the other younger. During the temporary absence of Mrs. Wellman from the house, the clothing of the older child caught fire and she was burned to death. It was a terribly sad sight which met the eyes of the mother on her return home.

November 21, 1895


William Beattie, for many years proprietor of the leading grocery store in Cooperstown, pulled the curtains Saturday night and decided not to open again on Monday morning. The reasons for this are various – the competition of cheaper stores, to which people have been forced to go on account of the high cost of living as a result of the war. Also, the state of Mr. Beattie’s health, which has kept him confined to the house about half the time for the past two years, has been a factor. Next week, Mr. Beattie will become affiliated with E.A. Stanford, formerly of Cooperstown, in the management of large farming interests at Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania. “Good Service and Reliable Goods” have been the motto of his store, a motto which, in these later times, seems to be relegated to the rear in favor of the idea of ‘cash and carry.’

November 24, 1920


Miss Amelia D. Bielaski, cataloguer for the New York State Historical Association, will be guest speaker at the next meeting of the Town of Middlefield Historical Association to be held November 19. Miss Bielaski will discuss the Smith-Telfer collection of glass plate negatives which is being printed and catalogued by the New York State Historical Association.

November 18, 1970


Editorial Excerpts: Most big game hunters in New York State know enough to wear at least some blaze orange when they go out into the woods and fields – but not all – and the legislature should do something about it. Time and time again the legislature has rejected such legislation. We believe the legislature should once again take up the issue of blaze orange and make it mandatory for
hunters to wear it.

November 19, 1995


Middlefield has become the first Town in Otsego County to petition the County Board of Representatives to declare a moratorium on hydrofracking until it can be proven to be no threat to “our natural resources of water and air or to our human health.” The Town must also devise appropriate emergency management plans and  infrastructure protection measures” before widespread drilling for natural gas is allowed. The town board voted unanimously for the resolution on November 16 after 40 people showed up at the Town’s monthly meeting, according to Supervisor Dave Bliss.

November 18, 2010

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