BOUND VOLUMES: October 29, 2020


October 29, 2020


“Presidential Election” as copied from “The National Intelligencer” – The election of the President and Vice-President of the United States comes on with so gentle an aspect, and with a step so light, that its approach is scarcely noticed. It is a circumstance certainly which ought to give much satisfaction that a period has arrived, for the second time under this government, when an individual has administered the duties of the office of President for one term, and possesses so entirely the confidence of the whole nation, as that no opposition to his re-election is even thought of. It is an incident auspicious to the duration of our system of government, favorable to the stability and consistency of our democratic policy; and honorable to the character of the public. (Ed. Note: U.S. President James Monroe)

October 30, 1820


The Outrage in Greene – A Committee of the Citizens engaged in ferreting out the persons implicated in the abduction and maltreatment of Mrs. Burdick, have come before the public with a statement in contradiction with the rumors that she came to the situation in which she was found in the ditch (her hands bound and her mouth gagged) by her own act. They publish as a rebuttal to this rumor the affidavit of Lucius T. Darby, who swears to the situation in which she was found, and to the impossibility of having got herself in that situation. The main facts sworn to are substantially those heretofore published.

October 25, 1845


There should be organized in the different towns of this county – as there are in Dutchess and other counties – associations for the arrest of horse thieves. Annual meetings are held, officers elected, and riders appointed – active and energetic men, whose business it is to start immediately in pursuit of the thief whenever the horse of any member of the association has been stolen.
Oneonta and Richfield Springs will each show a larger increase in buildings and population for the present year than any other village in Otsego County. Let owners of vacant lots in Cooperstown make a note of the fact. A place is benefitted by the number of buildings raised in it – not so much by a rise in the price of real estate.
There was another grand display of the Aurora Borealis on Monday night last. Those who witnessed it between 12 and 1 o’clock said that “it looked as though the world was on fire.”

October 27, 1870


Local – Mr. and Mrs. Pell Clarke have returned to Springfield from Minneapolis, and will remain until after the election when they go to Newport, Rhode Island to join Mrs. D.C. Pell en route to Florida. Mrs. Pell has entirely recovered from her brief, indisposition in New York and is at her house in Newport.
On Friday evening of this week, “Our Social Club” of this village will have a dance in Bowne Hall. A cordial invitation is extended the public to attend. Tickets admitting lady and gentleman are 75 cents.
Last Friday morning the 12-year-old daughter of Stephen Johnson, who resides on Nelson Ave, below Lake St. was run into by a boy by the name of Isum Ballard, who was riding a bicycle. One of the girl’s legs was broken, and
she was also quite badly bruised. Care should be taken to avoid such accidents.

October 31, 1895


Local: Ernest R. Lippitt, Kenneth Vandenburg and Howard N. Michaels left on Monday for the Wedocandoras Camp in the Adirondacks.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Sullivan have received word from their son, S/Sgt. Martin H. Sullivan, to the effect that he is at Salisbury, England, awaiting orders for sailing to the United States. His wife is in Scotland with her parents until she can come to this country. Pfc. Wesley Sullivan of the U.S. Marine Corps is at home on a 23-days furlough. He arrived on the USS Missouri but seized the opportunity to visit his parents without waiting for
the ship to reach New York for the Navy Day celebration.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Harlo P. Beals, and Mrs. Folger Oudin were at Andover, Massachusetts over the weekend visiting their sons who are students at Phillips Andover Academy.
Attorney Clermonte G. Tennant of this village was the speaker at the regular luncheon meeting of the Cooperstown Rotary Club at the Tunnicliff Inn on Tuesday. Mr. Tennant discussed the subject of divorce.

October 31, 1945


Cooperstown marked the 25th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations at a brief ceremony held Saturday morning in Pioneer Park. A highlight of the program was the raising of a United Nations flag on the staff at the corner of Main and Pioneer Streets. Milo V. Stewart, Associate in Education at The New York State Historical Association, presided at the celebration. The United Nations now numbers more than 125 recognized nations in the world. A vocal group from Cooperstown Central School, under the direction of Franklyn H. Rollins, sang a selection of songs.

October 28, 1970


Following approval by the Hartwick Planning Board earlier this month and the likelihood that plans will be okayed by the Otsego County Planning Board, the Cooperstown Dreams Park could commence construction as soon as the middle of next month. Louis Presutti III, CEO and President of All Sports Promotion Group, which is behind the proposal for the youth baseball and cultural enrichment camp, said that he was very pleased with the outcome of the Town of Hartwick Planning Board vote.

October 29, 1995


Travis J. Austin, the Village of Cooperstown’s zoning officer will join the Otsego County Conservation Association as environmental planner, a newly created position. He will continue his part-time duties with the village, as well as with the Town of Hartwick. Austin will be a “circuit rider” available to towns interested in using his services. Selected from more than 80 candidates, Austin will be available to assist with planning issues, alternative energy, hands-on invasive species management, trail maintenance, grant writing and fund raising. Austin is a 1996 CCS graduate.

October 28, 2010

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