Bound Volumes: September 10, 2021

Bound Volumes
September 10, 2021

Public Notice – The subscribers, being legally
authorized to use, and to vend to others to be used the impenetrable stucco, invented by Charles Morneveck, for covering the roofs of houses. Notice is hereby given to any person, or persons desirous of making a trial for
themselves, or of purchasing the right to use, or vend the same in any place not previously disposed of, may be accommodated by calling upon the subscribers in Hartwick. Moses Barns, Luke D. Hinman, Luther Bissell.
September 7, 1811

The Senate of this state assembled in the City of New York on Tuesday, agreeably to the proclamations of the Governor. On that day, Gov. Marcy sent in the nomination of Samuel Nelson of Otsego County, the present senior Judge, to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and of Esek Cowan of Saratoga, the present senior circuit Judge, to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court; and the nominations were forthwith confirmed.
September 5, 1836

Passenger receipts of the Cooperstown railroad for the fourth week in August amounted to $698.34. The sale of local round trip tickets has become quite a feature — 240 for the week. Freight receipts for the week came to $398.08. Receipts from all sources for the month of August totaled $3,905.53 — a good showing considering there were no excursion or hop-pickers’ trains over the road.
September 11, 1886

Rural School Notes — Nearly all regularly licensed teachers now have positions for the coming school year; and for the purpose of filling the remainder of the schools an academic certificate good for two years will be given candidates who hold a Regents diploma. This grade of teachers did good work in the schools last year and trustees will do well to consider their applications in preference to applications from teachers from other counties who
are without positions at this late date.
September 13, 1911

During the two months that the National Baseball Museum and the Museum of the Otsego County Historical Society have been open this summer, well over 1,000 people have visited the Village Club and Library building in which they are located and inspected the collections. Over half the states of the Union have been represented, as well as six foreign countries — Cuba, Hawaii, Republic of Columbia, England, China and Denmark. The ever-growing interest in the National Baseball Museum has been evidenced by increased donations from all parts of the country, which indicates possibilities in the years ahead.
September 9, 1936

Cooperstown Central School opened on Wednesday of last week with a record beginning-of-the-year enrollment of 1,412 students. This is 27 more than the total of 1,385 at the start of the year in 1960. The greatest increase in enrollment occurred at the high school where students this year number 634 compared with 550 at the start of the 1960-61 school year.
September 13, 1961

Mrs. Edna Barton, who was born September 13, 1886 on a small hops farm west of Cooperstown, will soon celebrate her 100th birthday. Her family moved into the village and Edna grew up in a house on Main Street that stood on the site of the National Baseball Hall of Fame until 1939. At the age of 16, Miss Hoke would ride by horse and buggy up to Hickory Grove where she played the piano on Saturday nights. After graduating from Cooperstown school Miss Hoke attended the Oneonta Normal School and, at the age of 17, began a teaching career in the one-room schoolhouse at Fork Shop. On August 22, 1914, she married T.F. Barton. The couple lived in New Jersey and Schenectady. Mrs. Barton currently resides with her daughter, Mrs. Josiah Norton, at Edgewater. You may have seen her dashing around town in her red OPEL car.
September 10, 1986

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