Casey Callahan Gets 25-To-Life For Wife’s Murder



Man Found Guilty Of Killing Wife

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Casey Callahan on the first day of his trial. (Parker Fish/

COOPERSTOWN – Casey Callahan, 52, who was found guilty of the January 2000 murder of his wife Elizabeth Welsh in the county’s first murder trial in decades, was sentenced to 25-to-life by Judge John F. Lambert during his hearing yesterday on Otsego County Court.

“It’s the maximum sentence, and I’m satisfied,” said District Attorney John Muehl. “This was a cold, calculated, pre-meditated murder.”

“I ask the court to consider the magnitude and impact of this crime that took Elizabeth’s life and what it has done to her son and family,” said her sister, Marie Valentine, in a statement to the judge.  “I would ask your honor to consider sentencing Casey Callahan to the maximum sentence under the law, as any time he spends incarcerated is nothing compared to what he did to Elizabeth and what her family has and will experience in our lifetime.”

Callahan was found guilty after 20 witnesses testified that he had threatened and assaulted his wife, Elizabeth, including describing exactly how he would kill someone with his truck. Welsh was killed on Jan. 19, 2000 when Casey ran her over with his 18 wheeler at a truck stop in Pennsylvania.

Callahan maintained that her death was an accident, and, in a statement to the judge, called Muehl an “evil guy” who went after him even though the “smart prosecutor in Pennsylvania” said it was an accident.

Callahan, who is already serving a 12 ½-year sentence in Attica for molesting a child in 2013, will not be eligible for parole until 2042, when he’s 74 years old.

One thought on “Casey Callahan Gets 25-To-Life For Wife’s Murder

  1. Deb Trotter

    I’m confused as to why Callahan didn’t get 1st degree murder since it was pre-meditated? Lizzie’s brother-in-law was critical in getting this case investigated having gone to DA Muehl years earlier with his belief that Casey had murdered Lizzie. It was reported on the ID show Deadly Secrets that Lizzie had almost $500K in life insurance that was put in a trust for her son Conner and that Casey would’ve been rewarded the trust money if Conner has died. I don’t know if that was brought up in the trial but it certainly would’ve been a motive to kill his son too. This article also states that Lizzie was physically abused by Casey. They only mentioned emotional abuse in Deadly Secrets. This case took so long to come together but after reading that this scum bag was already convicted of child sexual molestation (which wasn’t mentioned in the show either), I’m VERY happy that he was convicted of murdering his wife! Justice delayed is finally justice served in Lizzie’s case! Thank God!

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