Cherry Valley Trustees Ban Farm Animals

Cherry Valley

Trustees Ban

Farm Animals

Cherry Valley Mayor Lou Guido (red shirt) listens to concerns of resident Andy Minnig, seated, far left, about a farm animal ban in the village.  Sitting clockwise from the mayor are Village Clerk Ann S. Herr, Village Attorney E. Hyde Clarke, Interim DPW Superintendent Dave Hajczewski, Trustees Conway Bishop and Ian Feulner, and DPW Maintenance staffer Taylor Miles.  Sitting behind Mayor Guido is his wife, JoAnn.  (Jennifer Hill/

By JENNIFER HILLS • Special to

CHERRY VALLEY – In a unanimous vote, the Village Board Monday evening approved a ban on farm animals, excepting “fowl and chickens,” within village limits “to protect the health and welfare of residents.”

The law, Local Law 1 of 2019, notably allows property owners to apply for a waiver by the Village Board “if required for religious purposes,” which was added to the law after some village residents accused trustees of using the law to discriminate against the Amish.

Several people attending the meeting said during the public commentary period that the law was not clear on which “religious purposes” would be approve.

“If an Amish person were to ask for a waiver to own a horse for pulling his buggy, would a waiver be granted?” asked resident Andy Minnig.

Village Attorney E. Hyde Clarke replied, “Yes,” and said a person denied the waiver could sue the village.

Lew Ward, whose horse, Romeo, will be grandfathered in the law, was surprised to learn at the meeting that after Romeo dies, he will not be able to own a horse.  “The mayor told me in the previous meeting I would be able to keep the next horse,” he said after the meeting.

Other people attending the meeting praised the trustees for the law.

JoAnn Guido thanked the mayor, her husband, and his colleagues, saying, “A farm animal brings with it some health hazards in a small area…Wanting to keep a large farm animal on a small amount of land is somewhat reprehensible.”

6 thoughts on “Cherry Valley Trustees Ban Farm Animals

  1. Alice Quintin

    absurd ban on animals. These people have forgotten their roots and reality. I am ashamed of the officials caving to such nonsense.

  2. David Bryan

    That is one of dumbest laws I ever heard of!! People forget they live in the country!! They wonder why people leave rural villages!

  3. Dr V

    “Health hazards” from farm animals? Don’t worry about the constant carbon monoxide spewing from exhaust pipes 24/7. That stuff is okay. Lol. And the dumb become dumber.

  4. Paula Baker

    If I wanted to keep horses or cows or sheep, I’d wouldn’t live in a rural village, but instead outside of it, where I’d have the outbuildings and space enough for the animal’s feed and exercise and for dealing with manure. I’d own a farm or farmette rather than a village house.

  5. Louis Guido

    Thank you for your insight on where farm animals should be kept for their well being. Anyone thinking 1/2 acre is enough land does not know farm animals. Including the reporter that wrote this and the editor.

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