Cindy Seward En Route To Bring Husband Home

Cindy Seward En Route

To Bring Husband Home

Senator Jim and Cindy Seward.

MILFORD – State Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, may be back in his Milford home by today’s end.

His wife, Cindy, posted this afternoon on the Milford Community Facebook page: “I am on my way to pick Jim up!! And he does not require oxygen!!”

The senator came down with the coranavirus in late March and has been in Albany Medical Center for the past two weeks, the last week recuperating from treatment on a ventilator in the hospital’s ICU unit.

“Thank you, all, every single one of you, for your comments of support and love. And to all the nurses and doctors who have helped heal us,” said Mrs. Seward.  “We will remember all of you supporters and say prayers for your safety.”

She also encourage the community to take all steps to combat the virus: “Wear those masks! Wash hands often whether they need it or not. Keep a distance from those you see. Thank an essential worker every day. Smile at those who are working to keep you safe and provide your needs. Be kind.”

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