County Treasurer Deployed In 2019

County Treasurer

Deployed In 2019

Ruffles Called To Horn of Africa

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Allen Ruffles during recent county budget discussions.

COOPERSTOWN – Allen Ruffles, in his first year as county treasurer, has received word he will be deployed to the Horn of Africa early in 2019, perhaps for nine months.

As his predecessor Dan Crowell, he is in the Army Reserves, serving as an E5 sergeant in the 403rd Civil Affairs Delta Company.  Crowell was also deployed for nine months during his term as treasurer.

Ruffles deputy, Andrew Crisman, formerly a longtime banker with NBT Bank, would handle county treasurer duties in his boss’s absence.

If he has an Internet connection, Ruffles said he will be as involved as possible in the office’s day-to-day business.

The Horn of Africa consists of Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.   It is separated by the Gulf of Aden  from Yemen, where a civil war is underway, and the U.S. is intervening on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

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