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By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

COOPERSTOWN – Citing the “best interest” of community, employees and traveling players and families, Cooperstown Dreams Park has announced it will be closed for the 2020 season.

“Cooperstown Dreams Park was hoping to avoid this outcome,” says a letter on its website. “But it is the only responsible course of action.”

All teams will receive a 100 percent refund or the option of future participation, and employees will remain at work “to the extent permitted by the mandates of Governor Cuomo.”

However, the park will not necessarily remain empty. “Our facilities are available for use, if needed in combating COVID-19 or for caring for those inflicted with the virus,” the letter reads.

Additionally, Dreams Park plans on establishing a local food donation center and kitchen to assist those in need of meals or basic essentials.

“Like the rest of the nation, we have never experienced anything like this,” the letter says. “We know our staff will be resilient and steadfast in its preparation for the 2021 season and that once again the joyous sounds of kids playing the game of baseball at Cooperstown Dreams Park will be heard.”

21 thoughts on “DREAMS PARK CLOSES FOR 2020 SEASON

  1. Donna

    Is all star village closing too??

    Our kids only had this once in a lifetime chance. Will they be able to experience this at age 13?? Will they allow these kids to experience what they missed out on this year??

  2. Kelly

    This is very sad as all of our 12 I boys have been looking forward to this. If you’re a reporter, can you look into the rental companies around who are NOT refunding families for this cancellation. Very disappointing !!

  3. Sue Straub

    This news is really sad and our village businesses and locals that have invested in rental properties will certainly suffer. What is crucial is that those visitors that are not with Dreams Park are our best bet and the locals here really need to support every business from deli’s, bakery, restaurants, shops of all types, pizza places and come out and spend whatever money they may have put aside. Don’t go to Utica or Oneonta for items that you may get closer to home.

  4. Yvonne

    You posted this.
    All teams will receive a 100 percent refund or the option of future participation, and employees will remain at work “to the extent permitted by the mandates of Governor Cuomo.”
    It was our 12u last chance to attend, as they will be turning 13 this summer. Are you guys allowing them to come back later 2020 or 2021 possibly?

  5. Robert J. Schneider

    This has a broad negative impact on the local economy. Not only with the loss of the Dreams Park families and teams but to the numerous property owners who have made real estate investments specifically tied to this event. Those people will find themselves with mortgages and taxes to pay and no rental income. Additionally their support businesses, brokers, agents, housekeepers and so on will not be working this summer. The ripple effect across our economy is hard to comprehend.

  6. Brian

    I’m curious why they felt they had to make this decision in March and not wait until late April or even May. I realize New York has been hit hard relative to rest of the US, but it still seems like an early decision based on worst case scenario projections.

  7. Barbara Jorges

    As a seasonal worker at CDP I applaud their decision to close this year! Remember they also will be losing income! It’s sad that your child will not be able to attend but what would be even sadder is if some of these children, parents or grandparents become ill as a result of being in close contact. It is also very generous of CDP to offer up there facilities if needed to combat this virus.

  8. Donna

    Figure out a way for all the boys to be a able to play a game or 2 at All star village!!!! Since they didnt jump the gun

  9. Paul Weir

    Could they not limit the teams, accept teams late in July (or week by week per ASV), close the barracks and rely on players staying with families offsite, prepare bagged food only, minimize the opening/closing ceremonies, sanitize after every game, focus on game streaming or minimize attendance to participants family etc ?

    I’m sure the setup and maintenance to open the facility is a serious undertaking, but to make such a big decision so far out seems very premature

  10. Kelly

    Beaver Valley Cabins & Campgrounds are NOT refunding security deposits. In addition to the disappointment of not playing at Dreams Park, our family is now out $250!! I understand the economic impact to the community, but that does not make it right to keep people’s money. The campground actually encouraged us to keep our reservation and come stay with them while social distancing!! That is ridiculous and potentially endangering so many people!

  11. T C

    Right or wrong, Cooperstown Accommodations is not providing full refunds to families that made reservations for the summer. Families are losing hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in deposits and they refuse to be reasonable.

  12. Joe

    This decision seems very premature. What’s the harm in waiting until late April/ early May in order to give yourselves (and the country) time to assess the situation? The first week wasn’t scheduled to start until Jun… 30 days is enough time for people to cancel reservations/flights.

  13. Dana

    I think this is very premature. At least wait until mid April or early may because who knows if the virus could get a lot better in between that time period. I am hoping they will let the 13u players go next year sense this dumb virus prevented them from going this year. This is just a total disappointment and there is no need to be premature.

  14. A proud baseball mom

    There are some really, really dumb parents posting here. Get a clue, it is a huge disappointment for all involved. Our boys are sad, the community is taking a financial hit, but as the employee from CDP said, image your child or grandparent losing their life over this. You should calm down, wait to see how Dreams Park could make an exception for our boys for next season. Give them a break. We’re all going through this, not just you, stop being so selfish. I wonder if it’s a bigger disappointment for you after reading some of these posts than it is for your son. I lived my childhood and now I enjoy seeing my children grow and live their lives.

  15. Brad Haup

    They can’t make an exception and allow kids that missed and play next year because next year there will be 12 year olds that won’t be able to play because they were bumped by a 13 year old that missed in 2020. It would be a never ending cycle of disappointment.

  16. Kenny

    Well it’s May 7th not a single email or call returned from CDP about our teams refunds..
    I am fully aware of the task at hand, but a simple call or email or SOME communication 6 weeks after the announcement would be nice…

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