Dylan Robinson sentenced to 20 years to life for murder in botched robbery

Dylan Robinson is led into the Otsego County Courthouse prior to his sentencing Monday, Oct. 4, in Cooperstown. (Kevin Limiti/AllOtsego.com).

Dylan Robinson sentenced
to 20 years to life
for murder in botched robbery

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

COOPERSTOWN Dylan Robinson was sentenced to 20 years to life at the Otsego County Courthouse on Monday, Oct. 4, for the murder of his father, Kenneth Robinson, during a botched 2019 robbery attempt for marijuana and money.

Dylan was 15 when the crime was committed Oct. 10, 2019, in Worcester.

During sentencing, Otsego County Judge John Lambert said Robinson made “poor decisions in your young life” and noted Dylan smoked marijuana and alcohol daily and hung out with the wrong crowd.

Lambert said the defendant turned into a “tough guy in your mind” and tried to rob his father for marijuana and money so he could “continue your life of partying without consequence.”

“You don’t want for it anymore,” Lambert said. “You don’t wait for anyone.”

Lambert said when Dylan killed his dad and laughed about it, “That isn’t a reaction of a 15-year old. That is the reaction of a killer.”

Additionally, Dylan was sentenced to 10 years for burglary in the second degree and 10 years for attempted robbery in the third degree, which will be served concurrently.

As Dylan was led out of the courtroom, someone said, “I love you, Dylan.”

Marie Hoag was at the courtroom and said Dylan lived with her and her daughter for years. Hoag alleged Kenneth Robinson was abusive to Dylan and his brothers and called him a “monster.”

“I was afraid for my daughter’s life and my life,” Hoag said about Kenny, who alleged Kenny would “go after Dylan even in my house.”

“Kenny said if you want him that bad then have him, and threw him across the door and slammed the door,” Hoag said.

“I feel (Dylan) was involved but I feel he was not the one that shot his father,” Hoag said, he placed the blame on Alexander Borggreen, who was an accomplice in the botched robbery and murder.

An appeal is expected at a later date. All the other accomplices involved have pled out and are serving jail time.

Robinson was convicted in June after a three-day trial.

10 thoughts on “Dylan Robinson sentenced to 20 years to life for murder in botched robbery

  1. Marie Hoag

    I would do all over again for Dylan Robinson and so would my daughter. God knows the truth of this killing. People make Dylan look like a monster. He was a very caring and loving person. He stood in front of his siblings to protect them from abuse of father. He would even protect my daughter with all his last breath

  2. Marie

    I don’t feel character letters regarding Dylan Robinson was truly read. Mine was 6 pages long. About who Dylan truly was. Contact me if you wish

  3. Dara

    With this story, I think whoever wrote it should of taken in the emotional stress, and pain the other kids are dealing with! They miss their father and there is a reason for that!

  4. Alivia Borggreen

    I feel as tho my brother was at the wrong place at the wrong time . I know my brother very well he would never have the intentions of hurting someone .! Why putting the blame on someone else, it’s been 2 years of investigations now .Does it make u feel good ? Alex is taking responsibility for his actions .! Nobody knows Alex like his family . So for you to sit there as say stuff like you know him is crazy .

  5. Alivia Borggreen

    I feel as tho my brother was at the wrong place at the wrong time .! I know my brother too welll and he would never ever have the intentions on hurting someone . To put the blame on him is unbelievable.Does it make you feel good? It has been 2 years now of investigation,Alex is taking responsibility for his actions . And for anyone to sit there and talk about him like you know him is crazy .! Alex is loving, caring ,shy ,funny. And is the best brother I could ask for.

  6. Alicia Borggreen

    Will Dylan ever be able to take responsibility for what he did if he has supporters that will help him push the blame on someone else? My heart and prayers are with Kenny’s children and family first! This was a terrible tragedy that unfortunately continues to affect so many people and changed so many lives forever! I believe that as a parent it is my job to make sure Alex accepts his punishment and takes the time he was given and use it for good! Making excuses and hurting a family that is already grieving without any evidence is just cold! This article is truly something!

  7. Unknown

    I don’t know how you guys can sit here and blame other people. Nobody is making Dylan look like a monster he is one. He even laughed about it like that’s just insane. I’m sorry if he was hurt by his father but there is other ways to handle that then murder. Why didn’t he wait until his dad was gone to rob him? He didn’t know his siblings were gonna be there? Yes i know Dylan wasn’t the only one involved but who was the one that pulled the trigger? Who was the one that had motive for killing the victim? If he was trying to protect his siblings why did he kill their father while they were there? He just hurt his siblings just like he claimed his dad did. I can’t image the pain the siblings have been through and still are going through.


    The sentence received by this young man is onerous and extreme. A young man, whose father neglected and abused him, verbally and otherwise, was not justified in acting out against an abusive father, but he does not deserve so harsh a sentence. A young man who has been mistreated and neglected by his father is asking for help and shelter from the extreme neglect from his father.
    He needs love, reassurance, and care/counseling. The sentence is unwarranted. Does he really deserve to be locked away?

    He needs the opportunity to have a full life without the extreme denegration by his father.

    I know whereof I speak…My son was also the subject of abuse and denegration. Now aged 32, I am grateful that we have been able to remove him from the influence of his father, and he still struggles to have a whole and sane life.

  9. Joleane Robinson

    I can’t just allow to this badgering to continue. Let’s stick to the facts folks. A man was murdered at the hands of his son and his sons cohorts. Kenny was no Saint, but he was NOT the monster others are portraying in an effort to make themselves “Feel” better. NOR did Moe deserve to be fatally shot. The victims in all this are the innocent kids who lost their father. Two of whom were there and witnessed the entire thing. Their brother, their father, THEIR family members, gone in an instant. The mental anguish this family has gone through to entertain this circus is rediculous. Painting tainted pictures and twisting blame does not change the outcome. Enough already.

  10. enrst kiph

    Dylan was a piece of shit, he was resident D-8 in Hillbrook. He constantly cried like a pussy in his cell, he also got his ass beat constantly. He did however beat up Benjamin kemp who was a pussy in Hillbrook also. He is currently serving 15 years 😍

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