Falling In Love With Fiesta, Again And Again And Again


Falling In Love With Fiesta,

Again And Again And Again

I have fallen in love three times at Fiesta.

The first was the salsa. Each meal is preceded by a bowl of chips and in-house salsa, fresh each day, resulting in salsas with different personalities from night to night. Sometimes spicy, sometimes mild. Don’t let the lightness of this salsa fool you, it is super yummy on chips or dishes.

The second was the tacos; simple and tasty, it’s just not Tuesday for me without the $2 Taco Tuesday special. Pork, beef or chicken, you can’t beat this combination of delicious food at a great price.

My third love was the Diablo Calamari. Deep fried and served with a spicy dipping sauce, this is the dish that made me love calamari. And if you’re in the mood for seafood, this is a great appetizer before heading for main courses like their California whitefish tacos or their shrimp quesadilla. (Fiesta Mexican Grille and Cantina, 19 Clinton Plaza Drive, Oneonta)

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If you want to feel like a Very Important Customer, head over to Spurbeck’s Grocery, where they greet you like an old friend whether it’s your first time in or your 50th. They don’t skimp on the sandwiches, and if you’re lucky, you get in on a day when they’re doing one of their specialties – paninis, chili dogs – but you never know when that might be, so you might want to stop in often!

But on days when they’re not running a special, I can always count on a cup of delicious, hearty soup. And be prepared! You won’t find thin, boring soups here – lots of them are hearty, cream-based delights, and they run a whole gamut of flavors – lasagna soup, coconut curry shrimp, kale and sausage, just to name a few!

They’ve also started offering breakfast sandwiches, and don’t forget to pick up a pound of their wicked sharp cheddar cheese for later! (Spurbeck’s Grocery, 9 Railroad Ave #1173, Cooperstown)

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Walk down an alley. Enter through a side door. You think twice about it but once you’re inside, it’s magic! Welcome to Alex’s Bistro in Cooperstown. You’re immediately surrounded by eclectic furniture and dozens of mirrors hanging everywhere. The heavy wood bar is to the right – feel free to sit there and dine if you like.

Here’s a must to start lunch or dinner: the Fingerling Potato Fries. Perfectly cooked and served with an awesome chipotle aioli dip, they get your taste buds going for your entrée.

The menu is also eclectic. Thai, Japanese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Indian, Jamaican…the list goes on and on. Try the Great Britain Fish and Chips. Wild Atlantic Cod is fried to a crispness, served with fries. The Japanese Salmon Sesame Noodles has shiitakes, cucumber pickles, sweet tamari and about six other things that make this noodle dish indescribably delicious.
Intense flavors and smells will bring you back to Alex’s again and again! (Alex’s Bistro, Main St. Cooperstown)

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