Favorite Son Buttermann Virtually Tied With Magee


Favorite Son Buttermann

Virtually Tied With Magee

Dan Buttermann

ONEONTA – On his home turf, favorite son Dan Buttermann of Oneonta almost beat veteran Assemblyman Bill Magee for the Democratic nomination in the 121st Assembly District.

In the Otsego County Democratic primary, Buttermann took 1,062 votes to Magee’s 1,097, a razor-thin 49.12 percent to Magee’s 50.74 percent – or 35 votes.

District-wide, Magee, who lives in Nelson, near Cazenovia, won 59 percent of the vote to Buttermann’s 41 percent.

In the Otsego County sliver of the 122nd Assembly District (the towns of Unadilla, Butternuts and Morris), incumbent Cliff Crouch of Bainbridge hammered challenger Nick Libous of Deposit, son of the late state Sen. Tom Libous of Binghamton,  362-78.

Libous also lost heavily district-wide, with 27 percent to Crouch’s 73 percent.

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