Focus Executives Facing 8 Felonies


Focus Executives

Facing 8 Felonies

Two executives at the company that owned the former Focus of Otsego nursing home have been charged with eight felony counts, including six of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, according to charges filed by the state Attorney General’s Office in Otsego Town Court.    The CEO of CCRN Operator, Joseph Zupnik, and another principal, Daniel Herman, were arraigned in the Fly Creek courtroom on May 31; CCRN, the name of the LLC that owned the local nursing home, has also been charged.  If a guilty plea is not agreed on by July 18, a conference will be held to determine if the case will be turned over to a grand jury.  Centers Health Care bought the facility on Phoenix Mill Road in January; Focus had purchased the Schuylkill Manor nursing home from the county in 2015.


3 thoughts on “Focus Executives Facing 8 Felonies

  1. ZooLand

    Remember at election day who sold our county nursing home building, not the “business entity” as well for COST.

  2. John McDermitt

    They are getting what it deserves the problem is the new company Centers Healthcare is just as bad . Someone from the state should check out there staffing at the moment they have 2 RN for the whole building the DON and the ADON that’s it they are working way below where they should be!!!

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