Friends Rally With GoFundMe For Cooperstown Police Chief

Friends Rally With GoFundMe

For Cooperstown Police Chief

Cooperstown Police Chief Mike Covert explains the “Angel” program he started in 2016 to help drug addicts get help.

COOPERSTOWN – Friends of Cooperstown Police Chief Mike Covert have put together a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for his kidney transplant and other medical needs.

“Anyone who has met Michael K. Covert over the years knows that he would do anything for anyone and not expect a thing in return,” wrote Mike Ten Eyck, retired Sheriff’s deputy. “Mike has dedicated his life to helping others and now he needs our assistance.”

Covert, an Army veteran, former Sheriff’s deputy and Cooperstown Police Chief since 2012, has been on  leave from the Cooperstown Village Police since last fall. According to Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh, the village approved a Section 72 Medical Leave.

“While on leave, Chief Covert filed for and and is receiving Unemployment Insurance,” she said. “Only employees are entitled to Village health insurance.”

According to Ten Eyck, Covert has suffered a series of health setbacks, including a 2017 hip replacement surgery, cardiac procedures and kidney failure. He is in the final pre-transplant testing stage for the kidney transplant list at the Albany Medical Center, but without health insurance, has incurred substantial expenses.

“Otsego County cut off his health benefits after eight years of retirement and the Village of Cooperstown won’t allow him to enroll in their health plan as he has been on unpaid administrative leave,” wrote Ten Eyck. “Your generous contribution will help support a long-standing community member, dedicated civil servant and honorably discharged veteran.”

One thought on “Friends Rally With GoFundMe For Cooperstown Police Chief

  1. Russell Ahrens

    Otsego County is a self serving corrupt employer.
    They took an employee’s home leaving the Widow homeless.
    Then sold her home and 74 acres to a preferred employee. Her neighbor.
    Another rental home.
    No ethics, no compassion from “Notsego”.
    God bless you Mike
    Thank you for helping our community.

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